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  • American Red Cross

    What does the American Red Cross mean to you? Previous Involvement with Red Cross Over the past several years, I have become very familiar with the American Red Cross through school programs and my summer employment. My Junior year of high school, I became CRP and First Aid Certified through the American Red Cross in a medical technical education program. In this class, we learned basic medical terminology and abbreviation. We were also able to shadow nurses, surgeons, and doctors all throughout the hospital (in-patient, out-patient, surgical, emergency, IRAD, cardiac, and phlebotomy). This class, along with the Red Cross Frist Aid and CPR certifications, helped me realize my passionate interest in the medical field and led me to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. The American Red Cross has also been a huge part of my summer employment. As a lifeguard and swimming instructor at the local aquatic center, I have received my Red Cross Lifeguard Certification, as well as my Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification. Having the knowledge and skills provided though the American Red Cross has made me a viable and effective employee. After four summers working at the aquatic center, I have actively saved fourteen guests in distress, using the techniques…

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  • Essay On The American Red Cross

    the windows peeking above the water. American Red Cross quickly responded to this natural disaster by giving assistance to the areas and people that needed it. The charity was able to provide 103,000 overnight stays in shelters and evacuation centers, serve more than 1.4 million meals and snacks, distribute 387,000 relief items, including blankets and comfort kits, deploy 225 response vehicles to deliver relief in hard-hit areas and made 32,000 disaster health and mental health contacts (“Your…

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  • History: The Founding Of The American Red Cross

    seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 38,000 blood donations are needed everyday. The American Red Cross has been around since 1881 when Clara Barton founded it. Clara began to bring supplies to the battle field to help the soldiers. She saw there was a need to help soldiers, and since then the Red Cross has been helping people everyday. The founding of the American Red Cross has helped by helping with blood supply, disasters, and our country with health and safety. There was…

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  • American Red Cross Case Study

    The American Red Cross is in existence to aid those throughout the country by providing blood or services to those in need. Primarily, the organization operates through donations of both, time and money, which provides aide in five main areas: People affected by a disaster; Support for the military and their families; Collection, processing, and distribution of blood; Health and safety education; and International relief in time of crisis (American, 2015). The American Red Cross’s mission…

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  • Essay On American Red Cross

    American Red Cross Origin and Purpose In 1863, Switzerland adopted the International Red Cross (Rosenberg, n.d., para, 2). Going off of that idea, Clara Barton, a military nurse of the Civil War, founded the American Red Cross (ARC) in 1881, originally named American Association of the Red Cross (Rosenberg, n.d., para. 1). ARC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organization (Bancuk, n.d., para 1). “The American Red Cross jumped into its first disaster relief operation when they responded…

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  • American Red Cross Essay

    average American, the United States Military and the Red Cross have a special bond, but to a service man or women, this bond is much more. Throughout the history of the International Red Cross Society and the American Red Cross, the need to help military members in a time of need has always been one of its major mission and vision statements. Although there are many ugly faces to war, the birth of the Red Cross came from the need to help those during these times or struggle and sacrifice. The…

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  • American Red Cross Research Paper

    Red Cross. An international organization that's been helping other for 136 years, founded under the terms of the agreement from Geneva, Switzerland (the rule of the humane treatment). More than 25,000 volunteers support The Red Cross in helping others, and donations keep the programs running, but The Red cross foundation needs more help. I believe with your help The Red Cross can grow and keep working to save lives. The Red Cross Foundation started in America on May 21, 1881 by Clara Barton.…

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  • Clara Barton And American Red Cross

    The Life of Clara Barton The organization of American Red Cross has changed lives of those who are in need, by providing emergency assistance throughout the United States and worldwide. Clara Barton has found the organization during her journey in Europe, and she acknowledges the work done by the International Red Cross. Throughout the history, she is one of the many influential people who are recognize for their work in improving health care quality. The work done by her has left a legacy, and…

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  • Case Study: The American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that was founded on May 21, 1881 in Washington, D.C. The American Red Cross provides services and support within five critical areas: Biomedical Services that facilitate services to collect, process, and distribute blood products; Service to the Armed Forces that provides support to military service members and their families; Preparedness & Health & Safety Services that offers education and training on health and safety topics; Disaster…

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  • Clara Barton: American Red Cross

    Clara Barton was not only able to create equal opportunity for men and women but she also founded the American Red Cross. After Barton was done nursing in the Civil War in 1866 she was able to receive a grant for thirty thousand dollars that she used to continue her work and found the American Red Cross. (Whitelaw, 58) Before she started the American Red Cross, in 1867 she started doing lecture tours for women's rights and she met two women's rights champions; Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B.…

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