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  • The Importance Of Scholarships

    that by taking the steps mention above it will be successful. Dowds (2014) believes that it is important to work smarter, not harder. The offering of grants and a scholarships allow me to discover that there were opportunities available to pay for my education. However, along with those opportunities were obstacles that needed to be overcome. I discovered that receiving scholarships required me to become a fulltime student. This was a problem because I am a fulltime worker, a parent and a husband. I did my research to find options on how to keep my scholarships without having to reduce my hours at work and without compromising too much of my family time. There were a few alternatives available to choose from. For example, I had the alternative to choose to go to school or to not attend college at all. I had the option of asking to reduce my work hours. However, I had to measure the consequences that could bring being a full time student to my work productivity as well as my relationship with my family. However, after an intensive planning process I was able to figure out the best alternatives, which lead me to accommodate to my job, my family and school’s needs. Step 5: Accomplish Goals and Evaluate Even though this project is a work in progress project, I have set a plan that seems to be heading tours the right direction. However, I will know if the plan is working when I see my grades from my fall semester as a full time student. If my grades are being affect due to the…

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  • Preston Vanderslice: Why Did You Become An Actor?

    I ended up choosing football (I grew up in Texas… for better or worse, you can practically smell the pigskin in the air☺); however, I found a very fun outlet in the off-season through a comedy troupe that I joined and stayed involved in until I graduated. After high school, I attended the University of Texas where I took classes in both their theatre and radio-television-film program. From there, I moved out to LA where I worked with a number of teachers and programs including The Upright…

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  • Act Of Violence

    Saving a Child from an Act of Violence Since the beginning of advancement in technology, children have begun to be less attracted to playing outside and more amused with their phones, tablets, and televisions. All though the advancements we have made in technology is exceptional, many people fail to see the effects that it has dawned on children. Not only are children these years less active, less interested in socializing, but they are being more and more exposed each day to violence.…

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  • Tv Programming Over Time Essay

    (“TV History”). Hal Kanter was not the only American thinking the same thing. Today, television eats away at the average person’s life. For example, the average person working a full time job works around forty hours a week, which is the same amount of hours the average person spends watching television a week (Rowels)! However, watching TV did not used to be so consuming in everyday life. Television programming has undergone a chance since television’s invention. The idea of television came…

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  • Analysis Of Amusing Ourselves To Death By Neil Postman

    telegraph invention, he suggested the telegraph altered the very nature of social and personal discourse in American culture."The telegraph made a three-pronged attack on typography 's definition of discourse, introducing on a large scale irrelevance, impotence, and in coherence.”Said in The Peek-a-Boo World chapter. The author believed modern technology from telegraph to television, makes discourse broken, disconnected, and sensationalized. Neil Postman wrote the book in 1980s, the golden age…

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  • Youth Violence Increase

    it—that 's the way it is.” Mass media has definitely influence on how people view violence and deviant behavior. Some television shows obliterate or obscure the boundaries that society has created between good and evil, public and private, shame and pride; politicians and special interest groups deliberately lie to sell an image or a point of view, and as a result killing is sometimes portrayed as understandable and righteous when it advances a certain point of view on a controversial issue;…

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  • Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, And Oprah Winfrey

    There are many examples of Americans, but the most who show it is Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey. Walt Disney and Steve Jobs influences people in the entertainment, by helping people feel better and make their dreams come true. Oprah Winfrey is in the entertainment too, but she also likes to help people around the world. Disney and Jobs show that people can’t give up on their dreams when it gets hard. Winfrey shows people that only one person needs to step up and help others change…

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  • How Does Media Violence Affect Youth Violence?

    experimental studies have all confirmed this connection. Today, many youths have television in their rooms which could give children a greater opportunity to view programs without parental supervision. Researchers show that young children could copy aggressive and dangerous acts on TV in their play with peers. Before the age of 4, children are unable to know the difference between fact and fantasy and may view violence as normal. Media Violence does affect youth violence; if…

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  • The Modern Family Model

    “A harmonious association of parents and children united by love and trust” (?, 19) has captivated American people as a model for the ideal families for over half a century now. This model family, or nuclear family, is identified by a suburban fantasy of the bread winning father, housewife, 2.5 kids, maybe a dog, and white picket fence. Portrayed in the media since the early 1950’s, shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Leave it to Beaver” prorogated the model family though positive and negative…

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  • Analysis Of 'Amusing Ourselves To Death' By Neil Postman

    Matawah Deberry Ms. Chris Dove HUM 110 Nov.3.2015 “Amusing Ourselves to Death” - Neil Postman The first book I chose was “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman. The book begins with Postman setting up his main purpose for writing the book, which is certain aspects of our lives has transformed into some form of entertainment. He first states that some American cities were metaphors for what the U.S stood for at that time in history. For example, Boston was the center for a political…

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