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  • Disadvantages Of Broadsheet Newspaper

    Changes to the publishing industry at the beginning of the eighteenth century led to the adoption or large pages, or broadsheets, in the printing of newspapers. The use of a larger page for newspaper publication meant that editions could present more information, especially if they arranged information and articles into columns and used smaller text. Ultimately the Broadsheet format lead to inclusion of editorial commentary and critique as well as the hiring of permanent writers and the eventual professionalization of the publication industry. Conceptually, the Broadsheet newspaper infers that the contents of the publication reflect an interest in political, business, economic, or social matters, and it has historically been contrasted to tabloids and their focus on entertainment, sports, and sensationalism. As a result, Broadsheet newspapers have traditionally been read by persons with higher social status and income as well as those with professional education interested in political, economic, and social matters of concern. Established in response to technical aspects of the printing profession and the necessities of…

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  • Broadsheet And Tabloid Newspaper Comparison

    Differences between broadsheet and tabloid newspaper Size One of the distinguishing factor between the two newspapers is size. A broadsheet is in the strictest definitions big newspapers that can measure between 11 to 12 inches wide and as much as 20 inches long and is characterized by long vertical lines. Broadsheet newspapers are usually folded horizontally in half to fit in newsstands. In the UK some of the famous broadsheets are Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, the Guardian and Sunday…

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  • The Changing Nature Of Popular Journalism In The Second Half Of The 19th Century

    negative impact due to owners (such as Northcliffe) still giving his readers frequent, lengthy and well-informed accounts. In contrast, Engel claims the use of technology made newspapers “bittier and more standardised.” He also argues that this was the most important factor as it revolutionised the conditions, even though, the industry itself had limited changed ssince the abolition of the stamp duty. Finally, popular journalism also changed in style because of the emergence of…

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  • Notational Analysis In Sports

    non-Premier League teams were ignored). Newspapers Two broadsheet newspapers (The Times and The Guardian) and two tabloid newspapers (The Sun and The Mirror) were selected for this study. A total of 200 newspaper articles (n=200) were collated and analysed, with 116 of these articles acknowledging the referee. The 84 articles that did not acknowledge the referee were recorded, but for the purposes of the notational analysis, could/were not be classified as ‘positive’, ‘negative’, ‘neutral’ or…

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  • Analysis Of Amusing Ourselves To Death By Neil Postman

    In Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman compared the public discourse between before and after telegraph invention, he suggested the telegraph altered the very nature of social and personal discourse in American culture."The telegraph made a three-pronged attack on typography 's definition of discourse, introducing on a large scale irrelevance, impotence, and in coherence.”Said in The Peek-a-Boo World chapter. The author believed modern technology from telegraph to television, makes…

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  • Media In Australia

    Media plays an important role in the dissemination of information to citizens of any country. In a democratic country like Australia, media plays a far greater role in connecting political discourses with its citizens so that they can make an informed decision about the future of their country. Media must provide citizen with information, ideas and debates so as to facilitate informed opinion and participation in democratic politics (Dahlgren 2009). But the Australian print media is highly…

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  • Analysis Of 'The New Day'

    Now 50p - equivalent to three quarters of a packet of 'Trebor Extra Strong Mints. ' 40 pages - - - Our newsagents are the hub of news in the UK and furthermore when the sun rises over the horizon a new day commences. No this is not another odious 'Premier Inn advert, 'it 's a wonderful, wonderful life... ' Although, I 'm sure 'the New Day ' would glow over the horizon at the optimism; I 'm referring to the newest kid on the newsagent 's block: 'The New Day. ' It has been in print for over…

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  • Police Body Cameras

    Who Should Have Access to Police Body Camera Footage? Technology is on the rise and so is police brutality, but with one we may be able to remedy the other. Police body cameras have been in use in certain police departments across America since 2012. Ever since the controversial death of Mr. Michael Brown the idea of body cameras has exploded into a legal race for control over videos that don 't yet exist. There are a spectrum of views regarding the public’s access to these videos which the LA…

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  • Analysis Of Gone Girl

    Gone Girl is a print to screen story about marriage in a modern day society. On the surface, Nick and Amy are a happy, all-American couple of a higher class, but the truth lies deeper than the surface. An article on the movie published by The New York Times spoke to the same emotions that I felt about the story. The article goes on to say that “’Gone Girl’ plays like a queasily, at times gleefully, funny horror movie about a modern marriage, one that has disintegrated partly because of spiraling…

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  • Peace Journalism Definition

    In the Philippines, the concept of peace journalism is not new and has in fact, been the topic of several conferences and seminars over the years. Naturally, these seminars focus on the conflict in Mindanao with the aim of educating journalists on conflict reporting. One of these seminars, hosted by the British council with BBC journalist Jake Lynch and his wife, broadcast journalist, Annabel McGoldrick (March 2005)-whose works we have already touched on several times above focused on Peace…

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