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  • Essay On Bronx Zoo

    more than 260 species of monkeys. Sadly due to the humans destroying monkeys habitat in the world, many of them are at severely low numbers. Even with lots of conservation efforts (like zoos) it is still going to be a very tough battle. The Bronx Zoo has many endangered animals; most being monkeys. “We're involved in many species programs because so many of our animals are endangered. There are a lot of cooperative efforts between zoos in this country and in other parts of the world. We're constantly helping each other and exchanging advice.” Says Jim Doherty General Curator of the Bronx Zoo. During my visit to the Bronx Zoo I got to observe different species of monkeys. One of them being the gelada baboons. Matter of fact the gelada baboon is the only member of their genus and the last remaining species. Only geladas baboons live on high altitude grasslands which was identical to the exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. In the Bronx…

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  • What Is Common Racism In Zoos

    Although uncommonly known today, human zoos were an abnormal phenomenon that unexpectedly got popular. They were swept under the rug by businessmen who flooded the headlines with other things to overshadow and hide the outbreak of hate against human zoos. People forgot about them and soon they were an unknown form of entertainment, especially after racial equality campaigns began to have some precedent. However, even before it became an equal rights problem, it was still controversial for its…

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  • Analysis Of Fifth Avenue Uptown By James Baldwin

    My first official memory of New York would be taking place in the Bronx, summer of 2003. I was five years old sitting outside on the steps of our apartment building in the Grand Concourse, which is known as “The Project Village”. You could hear the Spanish music that blasted from the other apartment windows, and see the smaller kids like me getting ready to have relay races and actually enjoy the sun, and my favorite which was seeing the coquito man come up the hill with his truck. A coquito in…

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  • Hip Hop Culture Analysis

    ideas. For instances, in the 1970s, the economic was not the best and the wealthy people did not want to be living near a certain people. So, this situation formed an area of segregation called the South Bronx, where the many different cultures end up living together. However, there is an interesting history behind this moment of time, and it is about how this place was the responsible…

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  • The Stickup Kids Analysis

    In Randol Contreras’ book, “The Stickup Kids” he does an ethnographic study of what is known as the Crack Era in the South Bronx. Contreras studies how society shaped people growing up in the South Bronx that led them into the world of drugs and crime in order to fulfill the American Dream. He does so by providing detailed field notes, creating a sociological framework of how components such as culture, deviance, socialization, crime and race contribute to the society as a whole. In this book,…

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  • Kalief Browder: A Brief Summary

    The one and only Kalief Browder: Kalief Browder was an outstanding individual, who lived in the Bronx parish of New York; Browder never had any problems with the authority until the age of 16. When he was falsely accused of stealing a backpack, also, on duty officers never read Mr. Browder his rights, but unfortunately they did detain him. Browder was in a state of shock while being processed in the state jail facility. He couldn’t believe they were blaming a petty crime on an innocent 16 year…

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  • The Negative Influence Of Hip Hop

    The controversy of Hip Hop’s negative influence has been a constant discussion over the decades since its inception. As both a music genre and a cultural movement, the reach of Hip is unprecedented, but this exposure has come to form a negative public image of the genre in the public conscious. Whenever an instance of gang violence, police shooting, or riot occurs, Hip Hop is quick to be blamed. But is Hip Hop misunderstood, and misrepresented by those? And does Hip Hop truly inspire its…

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  • Ota Benga Book Report

    the Bronx Zoo to observe a young African named Ota Benga who was exhibited in a monkey house cage.Protesters such as William Sheppard, a Presbyterian missionary, Reverend MacArthur, a pastor in Manhattan's Calvary Baptist Church, and Wilford H. Smith all fought to free a 103-pound and 4-foot-11 Ota Benga. While 500 people at a time came to the monkey house and to mock Ota Benga. A way successful way for the Bronx Zoo to honor Ota Benga is to build a memorial for him to show their sincere apology…

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  • Book Review: The Bronx It Was Only Yesterday

    Sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember every place has a history regardless if residents care for it or not. However, it’s the most difficult when I think about the borough I live in, The Bronx. During my senior year of high school, I received an invitation from The Bronx County Historical Society to join an event. The society invited valedictorians from every Bronx High School to attend this awards reception. This event took place outside next to the Museum of Bronx History where the hosts…

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  • Analysis Of Gentrification In The South Bronx And The Soho Effect By Roman Mars

    gentrification in the South Bronx by and “The SoHo Effect” by Roman Mars. They both talk about gentrification and how it affects permanent residents. Gentrification is used to describe the arrival of wealthier people to an urban district, which relates to increase in rents and property values, and changes in the district character and culture. Gentrification is often used negatively because it has often led to displacement of the poor and establishment of the rich. However, gentrification leads…

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