Brown Berets

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  • Brown Berets Case Study

    activist who is most well known as a member of the Brown Berets. The Brown Berets were an organization that protected Chicanos/as rights and the general impoverished population of East Los Angeles against police brutality, the Vietnam War and the inequality of education. Carlos Montes was a target for the Los Angeles Police Department during the Chicano Movement in the 1960s. The primary source we have chosen is a court case declaration of Carlos Montes in May 1, 1979 against the harassment he has faced by the Los Angeles Police Department while being a member of the Brown Berets. The court case declaration by Carlos Montes was created in the…

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  • Living Up The Street Gary Soto Analysis

    They comprised the Chicano or “Brown Power” movement, which fought discrimination, demanded equal opportunities in political representation and employment, and most significantly, supported better education for Mexican-Americans in the United States. It attracted the support of college students, adult groups, and other individuals who advocated cultural nationalism. Chicanos throughout the U.S. formed various grassroots campaigns to boycott schools that cultivated discrimination through cultural…

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  • History Of The Hipster Culture

    Over time with generations passing, this long, black beard, beret wearing look started to fade out within the hipster community. The effect of this created what we know of hipsters today, the millennial version of the 1940’s jazz musicians. There was a big jump within this change, not just style wise, but practically the all around view on the hipster. You are now considered a hipster if you wear beanies, high top converse, Ray Bans, drink an excessive amount of coffee and hang out in a beanery,…

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  • Enemies Character Analysis

    Mary Anne Bell was a character that went through a huge transformation. Mary Anne joined the men in Vietnam at a medical detachment in the mountains West of Chu Lai. When she first arrived, she was curious about the culture and her surroundings. She went down to the villages with the men, she learned to cook rice, and picked up a few words of Vietnamese. “I’m here,’ she’d say, ‘I may as well learn something” (91). Soon, Mary Anne began to go out with the Green Berets. She would join them on…

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  • Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong: Chapter Analysis

    again, with the Green Berets. This time, she doesn’t come back for weeks, but when she finally does, Fossie discovers a new person. A woman who chants a praises a severed leopard head with a necklace of tongues from all the people she has killed. Mary Anne was crazy. Or did she change? Mary Anne did not go crazy. She remained completely sane. The only thing that changed her was Vietnam. Mary Anne’s transformation was quick. The new country brought out the new person. By her second week in…

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  • T. Molitor Experiment

    molitor. During our second experiment, the colours of the T. molitor was noted, and the two T. molitor of dark brown colour used, moved relatively slow as compared to the others. Our results showed that the two dark brown T. molitor moved a mean distance of 3.8cm, whereas the three black T. molitor of the same trial moved a mean distance of 17.6 cm (one moved an abnormal amount of 28cm), the two brown T. molitor moved a mean distance of 9.05 cm (one of them was missing 2 legs), and the three…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Chloé Brown

    A shy, sassy girl with brown straight hair, deep dark brown eyes, was named Chloé Brown; lived in a nice modern gated community with her family. Her parents were the type of parents that everyone could ever dream of having; comical, admirable and mainly laid back but also have a strict side. Even though Chloé had the “perfect” life that everyone was jealous of, she did not understand to appreciate when she was an arrogant, sassy fifteen-year-old freshman at Avon Park High School. She hated…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The American Dream

    Never had enough to pay fees and I remember one time I hid under the rust brown table that was located at the back of the classroom when the principal came to take everybody 's fees and looking through the holes of the table in front of my to see if she was looking for me. I didn 't have the money for the fee that month. I was too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t have the money again. I knew I was going to be in trouble and get hit in front of the whole school like last time.Having to stand in…

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  • Velázquez Painting Analysis

    server over the Jesus figure and his companions compensates for the spiritual disparity between the server and the Jesus figure. Yet, by utilizing the placement of the kitchenware, the postures of the figures, and the server’s seeingness and hearingness, Velázquez reveals the server’s physical relationship and symbolic transformation from being the lesser to being equivalent to the Jesus figure. At the bottom right corner of the painting, the clove of garlic is in front of the mortar and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Granite State Gym

    Personal Narrative Can you spontaneously explode from a cut? Was the question when I was at Granite State Gymnastics, the place where I train 8 months of the year for a 4 month competition season. The gym has a small airlock style walk in with wooden boards as a floor. Once inside, the space is about 4 feet wider than the door frame and has a nicer stripped wooden floor that is light brown and a L stairs to your left when you walk in with a bathroom in front of you and a school flyer style…

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