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  • History Of The Hipster Culture

    always comes back to the millennial version of a hipster. No one really thinks into how this culture started and the background of it all. They first started in the 1940’s when the label was a “beatnik” hipster instead of the known “millennial” hipster. The beatniks were the type of people who say “skiddly-doo-doo-wop” and snap their fingers instead of clap. All starting with Harry Gibson and the jazz era making this trend of culture popular. Privileged white male musicians started slowly…

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  • Timothy Leary's Aesthetic Movement: The Beatnik Movement

    In the years following the dramatic events of the Second World War, America went through several social upheavals. The first change came when GI’s returned from the battlefield, wanting to go back to the normal life they had previously upheld. This need for a return to traditional gender and societal roles led to an appraisal of mass conformism and to make matters worse, a new suburban class was on the rise. Around the same time, literary and cultural activists broke the mold of rampant…

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  • Hipsters Research Papers

    primitivism and its concomitant exoticism of the ‘Other.’” (p. 398). While Black-Americans are known to have created the genre of music, whites have been known to copy or even “steal” the works of black artists and musicians and have re-created it into something that The Beat Generation, originating in the 1950s, was centered in San Francisco and housed the bohemian art community. The “Beatniks” were known as a group that expressed their alienation through an identical sense of style,…

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  • Hippie Counterculture In The 1960's

    The roots of the hippie movement can be traced back to bohemian subcultures of the 1800's, but mostly owe their inspiration to the 1950's Beat Generation, otherwise known as Beatniks or Beats***(maybe cite?). In fact, it was from the Beats that the hippies attained the name "hippie." According to Charles Perry's The Haight-Ashbury: A History, "the Beats derisively called some of them hippies (junior grade hipsters), and by default that group had started using the name itself." Thus, it appears…

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  • The Hippies Movement: The Origin Of The Hippie Movement

    They yearned for a lifestyle that was in tune with nature, spiritual, and would unite individuals. Eventually, followers of the Wandervogel migrated to the U.S, opened up health stores and promoted their ideas of healthy living, yoga, and even organic food. Following the Wandervogel movement, and two consecutive world wars, the beat generation, later to be known as beatniks, emerged. Consisting mainly of post World War II writers who, though not large in numbers, had an immense influence on…

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  • JFK: President In The 1960's

    sixties, the pant suit was a new fashion statement (1960s). Also, for girls in 1964, drop-waist style dresses and two piece dresses proved popular fashion pieces. The boys clothing style consisted of formal wear, bold plaids, and slim-fitting trousers. Reds, blues, and natural colors were very popular. At the end of the decade, boys were wearing dark blue tones and shades of green and yellow (1960s). In the 1960s, boys denim jeans and corduroy slacks were popular. Men wore suits, sweaters, and…

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  • Analysis Of Wild And Weird By Jack Kerouac

    was discharged 10 days into being a marine, so I don’t think he found he was satisfied with the way his life was turning out. And I think today, a lot of people can relate. And it’s thanks to hum and his friends that we know we aren’t alone in feeling unsatisfied with a regular life. He wanted to do something other than the norm and so he traveled. He wanted to enjoy the little things in life, and by writing it down, he could pass it along to other people. The culture of people in his time…

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  • Two Years Are Better Than Four By Liz Addison

    Education System. Consequently, she manages to highlight the importance of community colleges and the stark contrasts community colleges and universities share with each other all through the usage of reasoning and evidence. At the beginning of the essay, Addison expresses the difficulties experienced by high-school graduates in gaining admission to universities, nowadays. To aid her claim, she states, “College as America used to understand it is coming to an end” all through the usage of Rick…

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  • Romanticism Vs Transcendentalism Essay

    Manifest Destiny Through the eyes of Margaret Fuller and Henry David Thoreau Romanticism was a social reform movement that changed American society. The industrialization that occurred in the 1820s and 30s sparked this reformation of American individuality. During this period of evolution, certain individuals expanded both philosophically and geographically. With the world changing at such a fast pace, people were forced to adapt and embrace the unknown. This mentality was greatly adopted by…

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  • Clark Metcalfe Mission Statement

    Clark Metcalfe is the doer, thinker, and tinkerer behind multi-branded cannabis products, marketed under such notable trade names as Clark’s Cannabis and Clark’s CBDs. The Southern California native, dubbed the Cannabis Cowboy by the Wall Street Journal and likened to Steve Jobs by Buzzfeed, is the acknowledged Pater Patriae of North American CBDs. Prior to his entrepreneurial enterprises, Clark came of age in and around California’s 1960s counter-culture movements. For him, hippies, aging…

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