Beck Depression Inventory

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  • Beck Depression Inventory

    daily life. Other tools that would be used would be the Beck Depression Inventory is a 21-item (20-item for Youth) self-report measure based on the DSM-5criteria for Depression, the Beck Anxiety Inventory, a 21-item self-report questionnaire based on the DSM-5 criteria for Anxiety and the Overall Anxiety Severity and Impairment Scale (OASIS), which is a five-item questionnaire that assesses the severity of anxiety and its impact on the individual’s functioning. (Payne, et al., 2014; Beck, et al., 1988; Beck, et al., 2005; Norman, et al. 2006; American Psychiatric Association, 2013) As always, the assessment tools should be administered in the child’s preferred or dominant language by a qualified clinician and with a certified interpreter if necessary. The Beck Depression Inventory and Beck Anxiety Inventory have been shown to be valid and reliable with Muslim responders, but more research is needed on the OASIS and therefore results should be taken in conjunction with other scores and observations. The Beck Depression Inventory and the Beck Anxiety Inventory were used with a sample of medical students at the Roozbeh psychiatric hospital in Tehran, Iran. The study utilized these inventories to assess the levels of anxiety and depression with the level of religious beliefs as self-reported on a Muslim religiosity questionnaire. The findings showed that religious beliefs helped to inoculate the medical students from depression and anxiety. (Vasegh & Mohammadi,…

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  • Beck Depression Inventory Summary

    THE BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY - 2ND EDITION this diagnostic device is designed to assess depressive symptoms in the adult population. McCalla completed The Beck Depression Inventory – 2nd Edition. She had a total raw score of 34 on this test, which places her in the clinical symptom range, related to depression. Scores from 29 to 63 are considered in the severe clinical symptom range, for The Beck Depression Inventory – 2nd Edition. Item analysis of McCalla's responses on this test indicates…

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  • Beck Depression Inventory Report

    The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), created by Beck, Ward, Mendelson, Mock, and Erbaugh (1961) is one of the most widely used self-report instruments for psychiatric populations that assesses depression through the depth or severity of depressive symptoms. The BDI contains 21 items that are rated on a 4-point scale (0-3) which reflect increasing symptom severity and cover areas of depressive symptomology including affective, cognitive, motivational, and physiological symptoms (Bumberry et al.,…

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  • Beck Depression Inventory Analysis

    THE BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY - 2ND EDITION this diagnostic device is designed to assess depressive symptoms in the adult population. James completed The Beck Depression Inventory – 2nd Edition. He had a total raw score of 15on this test, which places him in the mild clinical symptom range, related to depression. Scores from 0 to 13 are considered in the nonclinical symptom range, for The Beck Depression Inventory – 2nd Edition. Scores from 14 to 19 are considered in the mild clinical symptom…

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  • Beck Depression Inventory Case Study

    The depression scale that I have located, and to summarize it used is the Beck Depression Inventory Scale. This is the most widely used measurement for assessing depressive symptoms in adults the Beck Depression Inventory (Beck, Steer, & Brown, 1996). This scale is consisting of 21 items rated on a 4-point scale ranging from 0 to 3 that measures the intensity of depressive symptoms. If a person score, 0 to 13 that indicates normal level of depression; 14 to 19, mild to moderate level; 20 to 28,…

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  • Literature Review Of Beck Depression Inventory

    Depression is becoming a very widespread disorder not only in the United States, but globally (Wang & Gorenstein, 2013). Due to the growing number of depressed individuals, there have been different assessments created to measure and assess depression symptoms. One of the most popular measures used all around the world, is the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) (Wang & Gorenstein, 2013). Beck and colleagues developed the original scale in 1961 for use with adolescents and adults (Dozois, Dobson, &…

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  • Beck Depression Inventory-II Case Study

    that selection, administration, and interpretation of assessment measures are within the scope of their practice and that they are competent and trained (American School Counselor Association [ASCA], 2010). Therefore, it is essential that school counselors are able to understand the applicability of assessments with specific populations so that they are used appropriately. After you have read Arbisi and Farmer's reviews of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II), compare each author's…

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  • Beck Depression Survey

    This twenty-one item instrument will be used to assess the overall depressive symptoms of the survey participants and other psychological factors that stem from depression such as self-dislike, lack of sex drive, and feelings of guilt or worthlessness. Hatzenbuehler, Parpal, and Matthews (1983) reported in their study that used the Beck Depression Inventory that the reliability coefficient for their sampled subjects was .83 on the same day and .60 at a one week interval. Also, in concerns to…

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  • Personal Case Study: Interpersonal Relationship

    honest, focused, and presented herself in an appropriate manner in the given situation. Jessica described herself as an empathetic, authentic, and determined individual. Jessica feels her determination not only comes from her faith in Jesus, but also the emotional connection she makes with others. She feels that the hurt of others, motivates her to share the Gospel and offer any help that she is able to give. This information would suggest that she would be a great team member to have on the…

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  • Mental Disorders Case Study

    Please provide a description of the mental health assessment measures (e.g., Level 1 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure, Beck Depression Inventory, SASSI, WHODAS) and other diagnostic assessments or past treatment history used to support your diagnosis. Describe your complete process for developing the differential/dimensional diagnoses. During the initial session the client was given the Patient Health Questionnaire, Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale, Quality of Life Scale (QOL) , Sleep Scale, Childhood…

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