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  • Jack Kerouac Essay

    Jack Kerouac’s Fictional Style: A Critical Study Abstract This study entitled “Jack Kerouac’s Fictional Style: A Critical Study” aims to explore the ways in which his thematic, linguistic and structural pattern dealt in his fictions. This research shows Jack Kerouac’s literary influences. It also shows Kerouac’s fictional style and its narrative design. This further study presents Jack Kerouac’s employment of automatic writing style and his spontaneous methods. (Keywords: Experimental Prose, Spontaneous Writing, Linear Structure, Fragmentary, Juxtaposition of Images.) Jack Kerouac was born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac to a family of Franco-Americans as a French-Canadian Child in working-class Lowell, Massachusetts in 1922. His parents, Leo-Alcide Kerouac and Gabrielle-Ange Levesque were natives of the provincial of Quebec in Canada. At an early age, he was profoundly marked by the death of his elder brother Gerard, that moved him to write the book Visions of Gerard. Kerouac’s athletic talent led him to become star on his local football team and this achievement earned him scholarships to Boston College and Columbia University in New York.…

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  • The 1950's: The Beat Generation

    materialism, and sexual repression was the norm in America. Conformity was encouraged by President Eisenhower and if anybody thought differently they were dubbed a communist or “commie”. A counter culture group emerged aiming to radicalize young people to open their eyes to deception in America society and culture-enters the Beat Generation. The Beat Generation was a social and literary movement that was forming post World War II. The Beats were a group of writers that opposed conventional…

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  • Ginsberg On The Road Analysis

    positive change in society, but he is aware that they are not accepted. Kerouac, on the other hand coined the phase known as “The Beat Generation” after his attendance at Columbia University, where he and other students began a literary movement so he, like Ginsberg describe similar visions of the Beats but in their perspectives coming from their own life experiences. There was not one group in the 1950s America that openly refused to accept the rules of the nation like the Beats did. Ginsberg…

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  • Subculture Analysis: The Beat Generation

    The Beat Generation emerged after World War II in the mid-to-late 40s. Social unrest in America after the war led to a population that was split between the normal middle-class majority and a deviant minority of youthful rebels (Russell, 2002). Three of those voices of dissent were Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. After meeting at Columbia University through their mutual friend Lucien Carr in 1944, it became clear that the three of them shared not only great intelligence and a…

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  • Write A Literary Analysis Essay On Allen Ginsberg

    from a mental disorder called “sociopathic personality disturbance (archive 1) being a homosexual openly would be hard at this time in the 1950’s because people had preconceived ideas of sexual perversion which caused conflict in society. At this time in history expressing your sexuality was more on the conservative side. This is what made Allen Ginsberg an unconventional writer, he was open and honest about being a homosexual. Even if Allen was disliked by many because of his sexual…

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  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest French Analysis

    nuts,” and wrenches are indeed used, but not in the exact same ways. Randle McMurphy, the main character of this novel, frequently causes mishap in the insane asylum he lives in, causing him to go “nuts”; he constantly messes with its orderly and mechanical schedule. In other words, in Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Mr. McMurphy is the wrench in the machine that is the mental hospital. Growing up, Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo 's Nest, worked on a dairy farm in…

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  • They Re Not Your Husband By Raymond Carver Analysis

    Introduction This essay will be an examination of the minimalist elements in the two short stories, ‘They’re not your husband’ and ‘Neighbors’, by Raymond carver. There will be an emphasis on the thematic issues of body image and materialism in the two short stories. Chapter 1 Minimalism Minimalism is a movement in the arts; it arose in the 1950s and was characterized by simplicity and massive forms. Even if minimalism arose in the 50s it was first later, that the term would be used in…

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  • Analysis Of Wild And Weird By Jack Kerouac

    Whimsical, Wild and Weird Jack Kerouac is a writer known for his different view of everyday life. It was different back when he started writing books, in the forties, and it still is different, or at least uncommon. Jack didn’t really want a regular life; it just didn’t suit him. He gave it a try, according to Biography.com Editors, in “Jack Kerouac.” From April 2017, he was forced out of football after an injury, so he quit college, and was discharged 10 days into being a marine, so I don’t…

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  • Walt Whitman Predicting Ginsberg Analysis

    Whitman Predicting Ginsberg Every piece of poetry examined thus far this semester has had one common underlying thread. Regardless of form, style, or language, every collection of works has served as a vehicle to document history and warn humanity about the future. A fine example of this is the juxtaposition of mid 19th century poet Walt Whitman, and mid 20th century poet Allen Ginsberg. In his poem, Crossing the Brooklyn Ferry, Whitman envisions a hopeful future for America, while subtly…

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  • Consumerism In Allen Ginsberg

    In an action packed life of 70 years in the Beat movement, Allen Ginsberg accomplished an abundance of achievements. These achievements included advancements in gay rights, freedom of speech and much more. Ginsberg is famous for his free speech that was controversial in the 1950s but then praised in the 1960s. When Ginsberg first started out, he was one of the first to talk about taboo subjects like sex, much like his idol, Walt Whitman. Free speech is not the only thing that Ginsberg was…

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