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  • Kennedy Assassination And Jfk Assassination

    over now!” Two days later, after an extensive police interview, Oswald is transported down to the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters, where he would is to be transported to an armored car and taken to a nearby county jail. Suddenly, at 11:21 p.m., Jack Ruby steps from the crowd of news reporters yelling,”Hey Oswald!,” and shoots Oswald in the chest with a .38-Caliber Colt Cobra handgun. Ruby is arrested, but later dies of bronchogenic carcinoma, commonly called lung cancer. Shorty after being arrested, Ruby tells reporters and witnesses that he has helped the city of Dallas “redeem” itself, and that he has spared,”... Mrs. Kennedy the discomfiture of coming back to…

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  • John F. Kennedy's Assassination

    Kennedy passed away at Parkland Memorial Hospital shortly after he was shot at age 46. Oswald was found leaving the scene of the shooting and was later faced to police officer J.D. Tippit, who Oswald shot and killed. While Oswald was being taken to county jail on November 24, 1963, he was killed by Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was a nightclub owner. When the authorities were preparing for Oswald to be transported by an armored car to the county jail, Ruby stepped out from a swarm of reporters and shot…

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  • JFK Assassination: 35th President Of America

    We as Americans will never truly know the true story because there are so many different possibilities that it could be. Like in the assassination of Kennedy, I read that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy all by himself, but then I also heard that there was other people who could’ve been involved with the assassination. From my interviews and the research I did on this topic, I have concluded that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Whether there was other people involved or…

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  • How Is Jfk Assassination Justified

    their president. Suddenly, three gunshots rang out, sparking chaos. People scattered, screaming for loved ones and desperately searching for cover. However, it didn’t take people long to realize who the victim had been. Their beloved president was slumped over lifelessly on his wife’s shoulder. Soon, the prime suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald was spotted at a movie theatre by Officer Tippit. The officer told Oswald to freeze but Oswald pulled out his gun, shot, and killed Tippit (Pietrusa, 29). Soon…

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  • Lee Harvey's Assassination Conspiracy

    Lee Harvey Oswald had to have been part of a bigger conspiracy. There is no way that he could have done this alone. Him and Jack Ruby met in a night club 2 weeks before the assassination. Those 2 probably had something to do with the mob. Oswal´s job was to kill the president and if he did it wrong then Jack Ruby was to kill him. Jack Ruby tried to warn police to change the route of Oswald's transformation or else he wouĺd be shot but they didn't listen to him and he did end up dieing. …

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  • Examples Of Kennedy's Conspiracy Theory

    Simple: President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, had tried mightily to get the goods on the mafia in general and Marcello’s crime family in particular.” (Carter). Carlos Marcello was the godfather of the Marcello crime family that ranged from Texas to Louisiana, and according to documents held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Marcello admitted in 1985 to having the President killed and had access to the means required to accomplish the murder (Carter).…

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  • Jfk Assassination Case Study

    While the evidence might link Oswald to the assassination, and following the murder there was countless well-known motives about the assassination of JFK, such as the Communist, right-wingers, or government operatives. The only individual arrested that day and accused of killing JFK was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was taken into custody and then murdered a couple of days later by Jack Ruby. Oswald claimed he was a “pawn” during his interviews with police. So today, this conspiracy still has a lot…

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  • Whatever Happened To Marina Oswald: Article Analysis

    solider but was denied access. He had a mixed feeling for John Kennedy but never hated him. I know this is a great resource because PBS is known nationally. The writer has great creditably because he works for PBS. I think this resource is very creditable and I plan on using it. This will help me in my paper because it will represent how Oswald tried to leave the country but he was denied. He needed help and the United States would not help him out. It shows that the United States knew about…

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  • Conspiracy Theories: The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

    they succeeded in doing. But, notice how just after two days he was arrested he was issued a cell transfer but, the question is by whom? Because whoever decided on his cell transfer, must have also wanted to make the transfer seen to public. And, because it became a public event wouldn’t there have been security keeping order if the answer to finding out why Oswald wanted to assassinate Kennedy was so vital? But no, as seen from the video footage captured by NBC-TV you can clearly see no guards…

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  • Kennedy Assasination: The Impact Of The JFK Assassination

    The Impact of the JFK Assassination On the morning of November 22, 1963, Janice Tainter was sitting in her sixth grade class along with other fellow students. When asked what were some vivid details about where she was she said “I remember what direction and even the color of the black board inside the class”. She later explained the color of the blackboard was green. She also explained how she and her classmates received the information. She clearly states “The P.A. system (intercom)…

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