Article Analysis: Whatever Happened To Marina Oswald?

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Assen, Eric. "Whatever Happened To Marina Oswald?" KERA News. KERA, 20 Nov. 2013. Web. 26 Oct. 2014. When Marina Oswald heard a cop knocking at her door she had no idea that her husband just shot the president of the United States. At the time she agreed with the reports about her husband killing the president. But in a later interview with CBS she informed the citizens of the United States that she appreciated what they did for her, but felt that her husband Lee Harvey Oswald was set up. She proceeded to say that the CIA was highly involved with her husband and that the report was false. I have never heard of KERA, so I do not know how good this article is. It is a very good article that states were they got their resources from. I do not know who Eric Assen is but I did some research on him and he has many years of experience. I am going to use this information in my paper because it states how Mrs. Oswald said …show more content…
"Who Shot JFK? 6 Conspiracy Theories." USA Today. Gannett, 29 Nov. 2013. Web. 26 Oct. 2014. This article explains how the CIA and the mob helped Oswald kill the president of the United States. The CIA was working with the mob who was working with Oswald. The CIA had an agreement with the mob that they would not interfere as long as they quit messing with the government. They wanted to kill President Kennedy because he was starting to interfere with the mob. So they found a guy who was mad at the government and started to work with him. This is a great resource because it is the USA Today and they are usually a go to paper with writers that have really good history. So I think this is a great source to use in this paper, because they have the background to back it up. This should help me explain how the mob worked with the CIA to help kill the president. They had a secret agreement that they would not mess with the government, but Kennedy broke that trust. So they reached out to Oswald to kill Kennedy so they would not get in

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