The Tragedy Of John F. Kennedy's Assassination

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The last reaction to the death of Kennedy is one that we still hear much about today. The idea of John F. Kennedy being killed in a conspiracy is a reaction that would begin to develop not too long after the man responsible for the death of the president was revealed to the American public. The first major argument was the question of “Is Oswald that good of a shot?” The distance and the fact that the motorcade was moving made many people believe that Oswald, even with his military background, could not have hit the deadly shot to Kennedy. Next, the idea of multiple shooters would begin to come to lite almost instantly. Many conspirators say that there was bullet holes in the windshield of the limousine, which would contradict the finding of multiple investigations that say Kennedy was shot from behind. One eyewitness of the assassination said, “A few of us notice the hole in the windshield when the limousine was standing at the …show more content…
Kennedy, Oswald was shot in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters as he was being transported to an armored car. The shooter, was a Dallas nightclub owner named, Jack Ruby. Ruby said he killed Oswald to “save Mrs. Kennedy the discomfort of having to go to trail” and to many these seemed like a reasonable enough cause for someone to shoot “Public Enemy Number One.” However, according to conspiracy theorists, Jack Ruby wasn’t just a night club owner acting out of respect to the president, he was really a man that had a deep tie to the Dallas area mob scene. After Ruby pulls the trigger, killing Oswald, the “perfect storm” was created for people who were looking for more within the Kennedy assassination. Ruby was instantly labeled a hired gun, placed with the responsibility to make sure Oswald would never tell the truth about why Kennedy was killed. Although this idea has never been fully proved, Ruby’s mafia connection has been confirmed by a report done in the

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