Conspiracy Theories Of Jfk Assassination

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The Kennedy Assassination
There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, (JFK). One of the most prominent, is that lone gunman and communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald, on his own accord, took matters into his own hand and singlehandedly planned and executed the President of the United States of America. Another theory was that Oswald was a pawn in a deadly game of politics and mafia wars and was directed by the powers that be to kill JFK, and in an effort to prevent him from ever exposing the plot, he too was murdered in cold blood. Curiously, the theory that weighs in most heavily is that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the murder of JFK. Popular conspiracy theories claimed the “government”
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The Dallas Police Department was most fortunate to have both. The body of President Kennedy was transported to the Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. Yet, contrary to Texan law, the body of JFK was flown out of Dallas on Air Force One and transported to a hospital in Washington D.C. This maneuver by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), again left conspiracy theorists questioning the brazen move. The significance of this strategy resounds most in the emergence of the “magic bullet theory” ( Texas A&M University, 2007). This theory is most dubious in nature, even by those in support of the lone killer scenario. The information attained from an autopsy can be critical in determining what happened. Entrance and exit wounds, could give validity to bullet trajectory, and distance ( Texas A&M University, …show more content…
The answers may never be unearthed and conspiracy theorists are left free to speculate. It is unclear if Lee Oswald Harvey acted alone, or if he was ever involved at all (Owen, 2009). This is the most critical detail of the investigation as it is the basis of all the other evidence (Polidoro, 2005). Regardless of what the truth may be, the facts that present itself is that all levels of law enforcement involved in this investigation violated the basic principles of crime scene processing when they failed to assess, observe, document, search and collect the evidence in a thorough and ethical manner. Instead, they played into the hands of the media frenzy and fame that came from being involved (Polidoro,

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