Jfk Assassination Essay

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In the years America has had a democracy, four assassinations of the president have transpired. First, Abraham Lincoln in 1865, followed by James A. Garfield 20 years later and next, William McKinley. The most astounding assassination, in 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy during a motorcade through Dallas, Texas while traveling in an open-top convertible. JFK continues to rank among the most beloved presidents of all time- for raising minimum wage, increasing Social Security benefits and beginning the United States’ space program. As a very successful military man and an eminent president, his assassination on November 22, 1963 stunned the world.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, more commonly known by his initials as JFK, born on May 29, 1917, in
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People worked very hard to deal with the criminal who took the President’s life. About an hour after Oswald killed the President, he killed a policeman who questioned him on the street. Following this, police arrested him in a movie theater because police thought of him as a potential suspect. Officials found Oswald guilty of killing President Kennedy and officer J.D. Tippet on November 23. (History.com Editors) On the way to a more secure jail, police escorted him out of the building where a crowd of people and press waited. Jack Ruby came out of the crowd and shot him with a gun. Police immediately seized Jack Ruby and he claimed that JFK’s murder acted as his motive for killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Jack Ruby pleaded innocent because Kennedy’s murder caused him to obtain “psychomotor epilepsy” and claimed that his grieving over JFK’s murder caused his disorderly conduct. The court charged him with murder. There remain many theories about the JFK assassination and many think there might’ve been a connection between Oswald and Ruby, which is still unproven. The murder of JFK and the theories about it could forever go unsolved. Both men were sentenced to

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