Beck Anxiety Inventory

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  • Beck Anxiety Inventory Case Study

    TEST RESULTS THE BECK ANXIETY INVENTORY this diagnostic device is designed to assess anxiety symptoms in the adult population. Janine completed The Beck Anxiety Inventory. She had a total raw score of 6, which places her in the non-clinical symptom range for clinical anxiety based on The Beck Anxiety Inventory. Scores from 0 to 7 are considered in the non-clinical symptom range for anxiety, based on The Beck Anxiety Inventory. Janine is reporting moderate symptoms of indigestion. She reports mild symptoms of feeling hot, nervous, hot or cold sweats, and her face flushed. THE BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY - 2ND EDITION this diagnostic device is designed to assess depressive symptoms in the adult population. Janine completed The Beck Depression…

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  • Goal 2

    resolution skills Objectives: Talk with family about feelings of isolation. Express emotions with family Strategies: have dinner with family three times a week, do one fun activity with family a week. Take one day a week to share emotions with family, learn three ways to verbalize angry feelings with family through role playing and skills training 2 months Family therapist, skill trainings Report progress to family therapist Evaluation Plan: Summative Assessments: Pre-Assessments: Prior…

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  • Mindfulness Training

    The two groups were then compared to each other to find which parts of the brain showed variation in activity. The study consisted of 36 participants that were all right-handed with 20 being assigned to the experimental group and 16 being assigned to the control group. Each participant was scanned prior to MBSR training and also filled out 3 questionnaires to assess each participant 's emotional levels. The Beck Depression Inventory- Second Edition (BDI-II) was used to assess depression…

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  • Personal Case Study: Interpersonal Relationship

    focused, and presented herself in an appropriate manner in the given situation. Jessica described herself as an empathetic, authentic, and determined individual. Jessica feels her determination not only comes from her faith in Jesus, but also the emotional connection she makes with others. She feels that the hurt of others, motivates her to share the Gospel and offer any help that she is able to give. This information would suggest that she would be a great team member to have on the mission…

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  • Mental Disorders Case Study

    Please provide a description of the mental health assessment measures (e.g., Level 1 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure, Beck Depression Inventory, SASSI, WHODAS) and other diagnostic assessments or past treatment history used to support your diagnosis. Describe your complete process for developing the differential/dimensional diagnoses. During the initial session the client was given the Patient Health Questionnaire, Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale, Quality of Life Scale (QOL) , Sleep Scale, Childhood…

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  • Buddhist Social Relationships

    nursing community, by eliminating negativity through personal transformation/growth. In a different study about mindfulness and compassion (taken from Buddhist traditions), Lo recruited 170 individuals between the ages 17-60; however, only 135 recruits with recurrent anxiety and depressive symptoms remained after completing a pretest at the screening interview. The inclusion criteria were (i) no current psychosis diagnosis and (ii) a minimum score of 8 on the Hospital Anxiety Depression Scales…

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  • Loneliness And Healthy Friendships

    depressive symptoms. Loneliness was scored by the Loneliness and Aloneness Scale for Children and Adolescents and depression was measured on the Children’s Depression Inventory. They also tested and scored the participants in friendship quality and quantity, happiness, and self-esteem. The results showed a majority scored in the low loneliness and depressive symptoms cluster and high friendship quality and quantity. The participants in the cluster which had high scores in both loneliness and…

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  • Abuse In Children

    Compiled by Christina Rodriguez of the University of Utah, Parental Discipline and Abuse Potential Affects on Child Depression, Anxiety, and Attributions examines how the treatment of children varies across a broad spectrum of variables. These variables include age, gender, severity of punishment, ethnicity, family income, parental age, and size of family. The assessment of these variables are analyzed via three Attributional Style tests that assess how each independent variable interacts with…

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  • Relationship Between Positive Future Expectations And Symptoms Of Depression

    1977) to assess symptoms of depression. They measured the depressive symptoms by subtracting the results of the first measure from the second measure. Study 2 was done on the “Positive Future Fantasies and Symptoms of Depression in Schoolchildren” (Oettingen et al, 2016, p.2). The researchers did this study on 109 fourth and fifth graders. They completed their measures in a 7-month period. One measure at the beginning and another at the end, same as the college students. They also had the…

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  • Beck Depression Survey

    in their study that used the Beck Depression Inventory that the reliability coefficient for their sampled subjects was .83 on the same day and .60 at a one week interval. Also, in concerns to validity, the Beck Depression is one of the most known and utilized self-report measures used for the clinical diagnosis of depression in America and around the world. The second survey instrument to be utilized is a measure of demographics. A list of demographic information to be collected is as follows:…

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