Court Declaration Of Carlos Montes Analysis

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Primary Sources Essay: Court Declaration of Carlos Montes Carlos Montes was an influential activist who is most well known as a member of the Brown Berets. The Brown Berets were an organization that protected Chicanos/as rights and the general impoverished population of East Los Angeles against police brutality, the Vietnam War and the inequality of education. Carlos Montes was a target for the Los Angeles Police Department during the Chicano Movement in the 1960s. The primary source we have chosen is a court case declaration of Carlos Montes in May 1, 1979 against the harassment he has faced by the Los Angeles Police Department while being a member of the Brown Berets. The court case declaration by Carlos Montes was created in the …show more content…
This court document was written to expose the police of such injustice of police brutality that Carlos Montes faced when being a member of the Brown Berets such as: harassing him, beating him, giving him traffic tickets for no apparent reason, stalking him daily, and arresting him for crimes he didn't commit. Montes states, “The involved officers made intimidating and disparaging remarks toward me and the Brown Berets and arrested me for a traffic warrant. Once handcuffed, I was beaten with fists and batons by the LAPD officers.” The LAPD would find minor things to have Carlos Montes in their custody to harass him and mistreat them in any way they could, like aforementioned. These LAPD officers would take over advantage of their power of authority and enforce it in a man who wants to make a change politically, economically and socially in the America. Carlos Montes was born in America, but his parents are Mexican, in which he has a Mexican decent making him a Chicano who resided in East L.A to a poor working class. He was the leader of the Brown Berets-later became the Minister of Information- in which he organized protests and walkouts which later turned into changes in the Los Angeles Unified District (LAUSD). These factors listed might shape the author’s perspective in this source because this gave him many disadvantages due to him being a minority. The police and other forms of authority would see Chicanos/as criminals and uneducated in society, giving the police the power to belittle Chicanos/as and treating them like savages. The author, Carlos Montes created this source to call to action about the police brutality he was facing during the 1960s, as well as the members of the Brown Berets, and to show how much

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