Police Discrimination Against Police Brutality

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Police brutality against minorities is a big issue in the United States, and there is almost an incident a day in America. Police have an immense amount of power that they can tap into, but some offices do abuse that power. By doing this, there are often incidences almost weekly where police use excessive and sometimes deadly. The one big detail that everyone has missed is that most of the victims of police brutality are minorities. These occurrences have gotten so bad that there have been riots in cities such as Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore and Ferguson. “But first we have to end this bloody ritual. We have to want to end police brutality as much as we want to end pedophilia” (Troutt 19). People are outraged and demanding that the senseless …show more content…
And if an officer thinks that way then they shouldn’t be able to enforce the law, and carry a deadly weapon. Officers aren’t paid to make the streets a deadlier place for the community, they are paid to clean up the streets and make it as safe as possible. “10 chokehold cases have been filed against NYPD officers in 2009. When in fact using the chokehold was prohibited in 1993” (Scott 14-15). I believe if they can’t do that correctly they obviously can’t do their jobs correctly either. But it really isn’t a big deal to the non-minority citizens that are the ones backing the officers even after the truth is out there. This only happens because police don’t have bias toward someone who acts or looks like them. They will never know how the police deal with another race because they would never be dealt with in such a terrible manor. “After the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, More protesters crouched in lines with their hands up, wearing T-shirts emblazoned ‘stop killing us’” (Penny 21). Life goes on for them, but as for the minorities they relive the police harassment almost every

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