Four Stages Of Conflict Emergence Essay

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The United States is said to be the land of the free for all people, no matter who you are. Even though that is said to be the case, there are still many problems with racial profiling between the African American people and the police community. This has been a major dilemma since the Civil Rights Movement. In this paper, I will connect the 4 stages of conflict emergence, Identity, Grievance, Contentious Goals, and Redress, to the injustice of police brutality and then apply a source of power to each conflict emergence. The first conflict emergence is identity. The identity of each group is the most significant point in the problem between the police community and minorities. As described in our previous readings, each has a negative view …show more content…
Due to police brutality, many African Americans have died recently, for example Philando Castro and Alton Sterling. The problem is that blacks are seen as inferior compared to the rest of the community and lack equal rights that were given at birth. In the article Racism and Police Brutality in America, it mentions that people that have an ascribed identities of fuller lips, darker skin, and broader noses, has a higher possibility of being sent to jail than a person without these inherited characteristics. Also in Racial Profiling – Separate Unequal Keeping the Minorities In Line-The Role Of Law Enforcement In America, it mentions how the white community sees African Americans as “….poor, lazy, lustful, ignorant, and prone to… criminal behavior.” With this mindset, the people in power act outwardly unsympathetic and unconcerned about the black society. They use excessive force on both African American men and women. This does not only cause physical pain on the black community but also psychological concerns. The community will start to have hatred or some sort of fear toward the police force and instead of calling on them for help when needed, the community will start to handle their own problems by themselves, which ultimately will eventually involve the police’s

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