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  • Bruce Dawe And Beach Burial Comparison

    Like movies, novels and music, poems are texts that people use to reflect on their lives and experiences. Poems can have an impact on peoples thinking, not only through the things they might say to their readers, but through the discussions that readers have with each other about poems. I agree with this statement and believe that it accurately describes how people can reflect on their lives after reading poems. In addition to this, I also believe that poems can also have an effect on peoples thinking in many ways and through different sources; as the statement above described. Today I will be comparing two poems, both related to war, they are: Weapons Training by Bruce Dawe and Beach Burial, by Kenneth Slessor. Weapons Training, focusses more on the brutal training that people being sent off to fight, have to endure. This process is both extremely, physically and mentally challenging; with trainees having to experience being constantly “bullied” by the drill officer and the arduous training exercises that prepare them for the inevitable transfer to the front line. Beach Burial however, describes the aftermath of a battleground and…

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  • Bruce Dawe Speech

    is to it. Home-Coming is written by Australian poet Bruce Dawe in 1968 who is also considered by some as one of the most influential poets of all time. Dawe was born on 15 February 1930 in Victoria. in 1959 Dawe joined the Royal Australian Air Force as a Trainee telegraphist and was later became an education assistant and was transferred to Malaysia. I choose this poem because it portrays the theme of loneliness and also because it is about the Vietnam War. I believe the poet has represented war…

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  • Homecoming Bruce Dawe Analysis

    Homecoming By Bruce Dawe Conflict, bloodshed, death and pain are some of the words that people associate to war. These words are commonly used by war poets, such as Bruce Dawe to express their passionate opinions about the war. In the poem Homecoming, Bruce Dawe is referring specifically to the Vietnam war and the young men and women who lost their lives. Dawe feels pity for these young soldiers as he believes that they were unappreciated for their bravery while facing the horrors of war. Dawe…

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  • Bruce Dawe Homecoming Analysis

    One poem called “Homecoming” written by Bruce Dawe talks about all the different sounds, images and scenery the men went through. With descriptive language such as “curly heads, kinky-hairs, crew-cuts, balding non-coms” which describe the different kinds of men and what they all looked like. Also during the poem Bruce used wide varieties of personification to describe the scenery such as”frozen sunset” to describe the chilling and beautiful backdrop of the vietnam war. Once again poems weren’t…

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  • Amanda Lohry And Bruce Dawe Analysis

    The way in which composers convey their ideas dependent on their use of distinctive visuals. Amanda Lohrey’s vertigo and Bruce Dawe’s homecoming show how composers use their distinctively visual themes and ideas presented in their work. Amanda Lohrey and Bruce Dawe utilise strong images to convey an understanding of the themes of loss and grief and personal identity. The purpose is achieved through the distinctive visuals used by the composer to challenge the different perspectives the readers…

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  • Analysis Of Australian Identity By Bruce Dawe

    the poetry bruce dawe reflects on the ideas and values regarding Australian identity. the attention he has is to make the reader aware of the lifestyle, values and beliefs of the normal suburban Australian, with luckly the help of two of his poems life cycles and the homecoming along with the assistance of Rob Sitch’s movie the castle. All three of them refer to the Australian identity also in diffrent ways.with numerous diffrent lines in the ballad Life cycles Bruce Dawe has presents…

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  • Analysis Of Homecoming By Bruce Dawe

    This was the landscape that we find ourselves in during the Vietnam War. This war was not seen as a war fighting for our survival like WW1 and WW2 but instead this was a war that people saw as a waste of our young Australian lives and this is exactly what Bruce Dawe puts forward in his poem “Homecoming”. Dawe’s whole poem revolves around the waste of lives that have occurred during the Vietnam War and his use of the word Homecoming, which is usually regarded as a joyous and happy moment is…

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  • Bruce Dawe Poem Analysis

    Dawe relies on common issues to form the backbone of his poetry, all of which are known to a much larger, or even global audience. Life-Cycle is arguably one of the most Australian poems, and tells the story of Australian rules football culture, by referring to common slang terms; such as “carn”, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (A.N.Z.A.C) pledge and “bludger”, that transforms the reader into the passionate and vocal audience of a football game. So yes, this poem, at surface level, is…

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  • Donald Bruce Dawe Poetry Analysis

    It is utterly obvious that the topic of war is a repetitive one. Although, it is almost always agreed that the many hardships of war will cause the people to get involved, whether it’s the soldier themselves or the family and friends of the soldiers. This can be devastating because war is hard on more people than just the soldiers. Most of these effects can be looked at through pictures, writing, poetry, and all other forms of expression. Although Donald Bruce Dawe and Wilfred Owen, the writers…

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  • Bruce Dawe Drifters Poem Analysis

    Bruce Dawe was born on 15th February, 1930 in Fitzroy, Victoria. He is a renowned Australian poet who writes about ordinary people and their lives. His phenomenal 1968 poems, ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Drifters’ examine abiding human emotions such as loss of hope and loss of identity through the use of metaphors, personification and symbolism. ‘Homecoming’ is an anti-war poem written about the Vietnam War, which describes the process of collecting and processing the dead bodies, then shipping them home.…

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