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  • Teeth Brushing Examples

    Teeth Brushing: Variance Between Individuals Due to the fact that a main part of this occupation for me is that I do it with my roommate Danielle, I can see that there is an abundance of ways that this task can be done. A clear example is that Danielle adds another step to her oral hygiene routine, which is flossing. I do not floss because I have never been okay with putting something between my teeth like that, but she does it every day twice a day. On the other hand, I use mouthwash and Danielle does not. Through this one example it is clean that what individuals include in their regimens definitely differs. Another example is how long someone does each task. I brush my teeth for about three minutes, where Danielle always finished before…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of School In Kindergarden

    day of kindergarden for me. I jumped off my bed and started to walk slowly down the hallway to the bathroom. When I turned the corner, I saw my dad brushing his teeth. My dad is also a very loving person and always listens to me even if he does not understand me. He spitted into the sink and rinsed his mouth, “Good morning my princess!” he said happily. “Hi papa and good morning.” I said to him in a positive matter. I hopped on to my stool and stood in front of the sink. Then I stared at the…

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  • Analysis On Rod Gilbert, Andy Warhol, And The Athlete Series

    three feet wide and 3 feet tall with synthetic polymer and multicolored silkscreen ink. The portrait seemed to be done with multiple art tools which looked like a large paint brush, possibly a sponge, and what even looked like Warhol’s own fingers. The paint was layered in a variety of ways with some layers thinner than others and some so thick it created a clump in the painting. Though these qualities are especially significant to the artwork there are other substantial details that are…

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  • Chuck Close Photorealism

    has said that he doesn’t really paint the person he is studying. He uses this thing where it looks like a bunch of pixels but if you look at it closer, it looks like these little things that have lines through them and they also have a little circle surrounding the little line that is also on it. Younger in his life when he became paralyzed, some people in his life told him that he couldn’t do certain things, but he didn’t let those people bring him down. He just overcame them and he made all of…

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  • Brush Fire Analysis

    Joan Didion and “Brush Fire” by Linda Thomas real life experience of the Santa Ana are revealed. Joan Didion and Lina Thomas both use imagery in their passages to express what the Santa Anas were like. “For a few days now we will see smoke back in the canyons, and hear sirens in the night” (Didion, Paragraph 1). Lina Thomas view of the wind…

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  • Brush Stroke Reflection

    This class taught me what I did not know. I literally had to learn how to brainstorm, research, and write differently. Now whenever I write, I brainstorm before. I also learned that I start paragraphs better with a question or a quote. Writing 3-2-8’s helped me give more evidence and explanations. Brush stroke were very helpful also. This was the first year I ever heard of a brush stroke. Now I developed a understanding of brush strokes, I use them when I am trying to paint a image with my…

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  • John Steinbeck's Brush Setting

    of Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men we are presented with the natural and beautiful setting of the brush. The brush is presented as an idyllic setting that serves as a paradise and as a sanctuary from the harsh reality and problems of the 1930s in rural America. We see the brush as an escape from reality, this is shown in the description: “The water is warm too, for it has slipped twinkling over the yellow sands”. Steinbeck describes the water as warm to highlight the welcoming setting. By…

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  • Brush Fire By Linda Ana Summary

    Madi Lavigne Santa Ana Winds Midterms 1/22/16 When different people experience the same thing, one may think that they would have the same view on it. However, this is not the case with Joan Didion and Linda Thomas. Linda Thomas authors “Brush Fire,” and Joan Didion is the author of “The Santa Ana,” which are two essays that revolve around the Santa Ana winds. Thomas grew up in southern California, where the Santa Ana winds blow, while Didion moved to Las Vegas as an adult. They portray…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Brush With Death

    My Brush with Death On February sixth two thousand-sixteen at four forty-six pm my life changed forever. This day started out like any other day but I had no idea that my life was about to change completely. I was not prepared for what would happen that day and did not expect it to turn out the way it did. I had always pictured that day and always wondered what it would be like. Of all the times I dreamt of that day it had always been nothing but good thoughts. However, I was not expecting the…

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  • Brush Fire Vs Santa Ana Essay

    Wild fires and the Santa Ana winds are a harsh reality of life in California, and they have a profound effect on those who are afflicted by them. “Brush Fire” and “The Santa Ana” are both pieces that touch upon this perpetually pertinent topic. California-native Linda Thomas, takes an accusatory approach to the topic, blaming the humans for their own destruction in the wild fires, as it was they who made the choice to build in the path of a natural phenomenon. Another California-born author,…

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