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  • Air Pollution In Greater Los Angeles Area

    Air pollution has become a major problem in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The air quality has become so terrible here that Los Angeles is leading the United States in the worst air quality. To illustrate this, Imam from CNN has stated that “Los Angeles [is] coming in at No. 1 for ozone pollution” (Imam, April 2016). This allows a striking comparison to others cities. However, ozone pollution is only one of several things that can make up air pollution. Pollution control authorities in my community help keep track of this one and others to help measure the full scope. Consequently, just because we’re the worst in the nation does not mean there aren’t things people can do to improve. Before someone could know what to do about air pollution…

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  • Brush Fire Analysis

    In Southern California there is a period commonly in the fall that produced winds that are known as the Santa Ana Winds.because This wind comes from the desert and then travel around the Southern California area. The Santa Ana Winds are known for being hot and extremely powerful. Due to the conditions of these winds they bring destruction to the areas that they affect. In the passages “The Santa Ana” By Joan Didion and “Brush Fire” by Linda Thomas real life experience of the Santa Ana are…

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  • Ecology Of Fear Analysis

    Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States following New York City on the East Coast. This idolized city that many have nicknamed, L.A., rests within the southern region of the ‘Golden State’ of California. Los Angeles is most widely known for its mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, sprawling metropolis, and for also housing a major center of the American entertainment industry. The worldwide popularity L.A. has received, stems from the city being the source of many…

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  • San Fernando Valley Community Characteristics

    basic needs met, (food, shelter and clothing), they can work toward focusing on their health and wellbeing. With the development of adequate bilingual services, an improvement in symptom management of adults with mental health illnesses would be expected. This may reduce costs and frequency of hospitalizations or the involvement of law enforcement for crimes related to mental illness, substance abuse and homelessness. Summary of Community Characteristics The San Fernando Valley is located…

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  • How Does Gang Violence Affect Society

    prolific in the United States in the early 1800’s and since then, gangs have grown to occupy the entire country. Starting with wild-western groups of shooters, they have evolved over the years to street gangs, biker gangs, and even prison gangs. In the mid 1800’s the membership of some gangs began to grow. The Gophers, one of the earliest New York City gangs, soon numbered in the thousands. All across the country, gangs were growing and organizing into much greater forces with more influence on…

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  • The Mara Women: Gender Roles In Centam Street Gangs

    Throughout the course of history, gangs and organized crime have managed to find their way into society. Death has terrorized neighborhoods and violence has shaken the entire nation. The uprising of such a violent gang known as the Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, has left many unanswered questions and many crimes unsolved. The origins of the notorious gang are not certain but there are a few theories as to how MS-13 came to be. According to Geoffrey Ramsey in his article Tracing the…

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  • Biography Of Patrick Kearney

    Patrick Wayne Kearney was born on September the twenty fourth on ,1939 in Los Angeles California. He was the oldest of three boys, he was raised in a reasonable stable family. Kearney lived a trauma free life. Throughout his early age he was a thin sickly child who was often a target for bullies at school. As a teenager he became unsociable and fantasized about killing people. He was born in East Los Angeles yet though he still lived in texas for some time. Kearney moved back to California after…

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  • Gangs In San Salvador

    Many of these gangs were formed and originated by Latinos in Los Angeles as a reaction to issues like social exclusion. A large topic of social exclusion experienced by the Latino community is that of their exclusion from justice and economic and physical security. Without access to a basic system of justice, people look to other people to help protect themselves and their communities. As Heather Berkman (2007) says, “Within such communities, residents cannot depend on those institutions…

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  • The World's Most Dangerous Gang Analysis

    most dangerous gang in the world. It is an international crime gang that started in Los Angeles, but has gone as far as Mexico and Central America. Their criminal activity consists of but not restricted to is drug trafficking, illegal immigration, money laundering, prostitution, kidnapping, arms and weapons trafficking, and the goes on. They are feared by many and have a lot of rivals around the world. The majority of the gangs are made up of Central Americans from El Salvador. The MS-13 has a…

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  • Street Gangs

    They are likewise exceptionally powerless. Commonly gangs can give a feeling of reason, having a place and a lifestyle. "An area gang can appear like the main genuine family they will have. Joining a gang gives them a feeling of having a place and being a piece of something vital that they can't get something else" (Grabianowski 2). Numerous young people are hunting down a spot to have a place. "Gangs acknowledge youth who don't feel adored or acknowledged by folks, grown-ups or school" ("Why…

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