Brush Fire Analysis

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In Southern California there is a period commonly in the fall that produced winds that are known as the Santa Ana Winds.because This wind comes from the desert and then travel around the Southern California area. The Santa Ana Winds are known for being hot and extremely powerful. Due to the conditions of these winds they bring destruction to the areas that they affect. In the passages “The Santa Ana” By Joan Didion and “Brush Fire” by Linda Thomas real life experience of the Santa Ana are revealed.
Joan Didion and Lina Thomas both use imagery in their passages to express what the Santa Anas were like. “For a few days now we will see smoke back in the canyons, and hear sirens in the night” (Didion, Paragraph 1). Lina Thomas view of the wind
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Joan Didion states, “On November 22 the fire in the San Gabriel Mountains was out of control. On November 27 a South Gate divorcee.. Was murdered and thrown from a moving car.” ( Didion, Paragraph 5). Didion’s main purpose of her passage is to inform the general public about how the Santa Ana impacts the people of southern California. Didion uses such negative evidence to prove that the natives have to deal with the wind's impacting the environment and starting fires. The natives also had to deal with the violent behaviors of people around them. This also proved how Joan Didion dreaded the oncoming Santa Anas. Linda Thomas on the other side is trying to inform the general public about the brush fires. “In October, chaparral burns,usually during three to five - day periods of strong dry northeast winds, known as Santa Ana winds” (Thomas, Paragraph 3). Thomas through most of her passage was just providing background information about the brush fires. Compared to the first passage Thomas was very nonchalant about the subject. They are very normal for her and throughout the passage she was just expressing to others what the brush fires are

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