1906: The San Francisco Earthquake

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Natural disasters take thousands of innocent lives every year, and the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 only added to this growing number. On April 18th 1906 more than 1,000 casualties were seen, more than 400 million dollars lost and over 225,000 people became homeless. In one day. It’s safe to say these few terrible minutes may have ruined the lives of these people forever. During this earthquake, many people recorded their personal experiences and those of the people around them, some of which are still around today. Personal narratives like this include, “Comprehending the Calamity” by Emma Burke and “Horrific Wreck of the City” by Fred Hewitt which both accounts about the horrific earthquake and their personal thoughts about it, however one of the accounts is optimistic while the other is more pessimistic.

The earthquake in 1906 caused many different reactions from the public that witnessed it. These two first hand accounts show the reader how the author reacts to the earthquake. Both texts describe how terrible the earthquake was, and both authors show some sort of faith in God during their accounts. Both texts mention how nothing can really describe the terror that rolled through the city. Fred Hewitt says, “No pen of the most powerful description the world ever saw could ever place on paper the impression of any one of the hundreds of thousands who felt the mighty tremble.” (pg.1 para 1) Similarly, Emma Burke describes the earthquake
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So although the earthquake was this devastating event that hurt so many, maybe in a way, it helped us. Helped us to see the good and the faults of the people around us and of ourselves, and helped us to remember the importance of

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