Santa Ana winds

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  • Linda Thomas And Joan Didion: The Santa Ana Wind

    The Santa Ana is known for their extremely strong winds. However, Santa Ana winds cause controversy from citizen living in Southern California and people who are planning to move to there. Either it is the benefits or the risks that are cause from the winds. Everyone has different perspective over Santa Ana winds. Linda Thomas and Joan Didion both have similar rhetorical devices although both authors approach the same subject in different ways. Linda Thomas, author of “Brush Fire” and Joan Didion, author of “The Santa Ana” both wrote about the Santa Ana winds. However, both essay differ from each other. Thomas’s purpose is to inform citizens living in Southern California and people who are planning to move there the benefits of Santa Ana winds. While Didion’s purpose is…

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  • Winds In Brush Fire And The Santa Ana By Joan Didion

    “Brush Fire” by Linda Thomas and “ The Santa Ana” by Joan Didion are both pieces of literature that intersect each other and give different views about The Santa Ana winds. These winds were named after the foehn wind of Austria and Switzerland. Which causes many side effects that are considered to be unpleasant. These winds are proven to be dry hot, strong and have a high speed, that brush through the deserts of California to the Southern part of this state. Due to their different views on this…

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  • Didion's View Of The Santa Ana Winds In Los Angeles Notebook

    "Los Angeles Notebook" Reflection Essay On October 25, 2003, the cedar fire (cause of the Santa Ana winds) spread over 30 miles in less than 17 hours burning 5,000 acres per hour. By the time, it was over it consumed 418 miles, 2,232 homes and killed 14 people including a firefighter. It's true that things are only temporary, but the effects of the Santa Ana winds will always affect the people and the environment in such a negative and perturbable way, that along with living in the Los Angeles…

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  • Brush Fire Analysis

    produced winds that are known as the Santa Ana Winds.because This wind comes from the desert and then travel around the Southern California area. The Santa Ana Winds are known for being hot and extremely powerful. Due to the conditions of these winds they bring destruction to the areas that they affect. In the passages “The Santa Ana” By Joan Didion and “Brush Fire” by Linda Thomas real life experience of the Santa Ana are revealed. Joan Didion and Lina Thomas both use imagery in their…

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  • The Things They Carried Narrative Essay

    Memories and Emotions The work of fiction, The Things They Carry, can be categorized as either a novel or a collection of short stories. If one were to put it into a genre, or a sub-genre, then realistic fiction or a memoire would not be inaccurate. All the stories are told through memory; every chapter is a story told through the point of view of one of the men from the Alpha Company. Half as many chapters are about the surviving characters and them reliving their experiences, but the…

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  • Anorexia In America Essay

    can. Anorexia does not just come to a person at a random time. There is usually always a source that sparks one 's interest. Believe it or not, most of these sources are found on the web that is observed by the whole world. The "10 Thin Commandments" are known by most participants of anorexia or an eating disorder. Some sites even include a pledge such as the "Letter to Ana" pledge that reads: "I pledge to fear food and to see obese images in the mirror, I will worship and pledge to be a…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Pro Ana

    My Friend Ana In a world filled with women of different shapes and sizes, there can only be one true solution to the perfect body. Welcome to the Pro-Ana lifestyle, a blog, out of many, where young, teen girls are introduced to the life of feeding on what people think of them, and nothing else. The beauty of a thin body is all that matters in this lifestyle, and this can only be defined by “ana,” anorexia. “Stay strong. Starve on” is tagged upon multiple posts along with “What the scale says is…

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  • The Chicano Social Identity

    “La raza! / Méjicano! / Español! / Latino! / Chicano! / Or whatever I call myself / I look the same / I feel the same / I cry / And / Sing the same. / I am the masses of my people and / I refuse to be absorbed. / I am Joaquín” (Gonzales, 1969). These powerful words were taken from Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales’s, poem “I am Joaquin”, which revolutionized the definition of “Chicano” in the late 1900’s. Although many are challenging the traditional definition of Chicano social identity as it was seen…

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  • Santiago's Personal Journey In The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

    In the book, the Alchemist tells the chief that Santiago can transform himself into the wind when they are catched by the military troop. The chief allows Santiago to practice for three days, or he will die. Santiago feels upset and fear because he does not know how to transform himself into the wind, but he never gives up. He keeps observing the desert, and finally, he finds out that he speaks the same language with the desert. The desert lends its sand to Santiago. The wind feels thoughtful,…

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  • Characteristics Of Typhoon Haiy Vulnerabilities And Resiliency In The Philippines

    According to Barmania (2014) the typhoon, that had wind speeds around 150 mph, killed 6200 and displaced 4 million people, leaving the country in despair. Characteristics of typhoon Haiyan and Tacloban City: The characteristics of typhoon Haiyan were very specific and the physical setting of Tacloban city amplified the impact of this super storm. In general, typhoons are tropical storms consisting of intense winds, flooding and rain. As Bower and McCabe (2014) suggest, they form…

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