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  • Australia Day 1972: The Aboriginal Rights Movement

    Embassy was founded by four Aboriginal men, who late on the 26th of January 1972 raised a beach umbrella on the lawns by Parliament House in Canberra. Labeling the umbrella as the ‘Aboriginal Embassy’, the four activists were protesting for land rights due to a recent “1971 court decision” (Creative Spirits, 2017) to begin mining operations on traditional Aboriginal land. They remained for months and hundreds of Aboriginal people swarmed to Canberra to join them in the protest. However, the once peaceful protest soon turned violent when police aggressively dismantled tents and arrested Aboriginals, with this being captured on televisions around Australia. Though, this event only brought on more publicity and the embassy quickly became an integral gathering place for the Aboriginal Rights Movement. From then on the embassy was removed and re-established, with it still remaining today, outside old Parliament House. The Aboriginal Embassy was the “first time Aboriginal people took the issue of owning land to the courts” (Creative Spirits, 2017), which created a great amount of change to Aboriginal rights, including the changing of laws and the recognition of the Aboriginal people. Before Australia Day, a group of Aboriginal people gathered in Sydney and it was pronounced that four representatives and founders of the idea would travel to Canberra to protest for Aboriginal land rights. One of these representatives was Michael Anderson, a prominent figure in the fight for…

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  • In A Sunburned Country And Scribbling Of The Cat Analysis

    The final form of alienation Marxist discusses is that of the estrangement from one’s surroundings or one’s nature. Marx argues that individuals can get caught up in the tedious tasks of daily life and end up never contributing significantly to the natural order and world that directly surrounds this day-to-day lifestyle (Czank, 319-321). For Marx and for Bryson, building a relationship with the environment you are in is perhaps just as valuable and significant as doing so with its people.…

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  • ANU: A World-Driving School In Australia

    ANU is a world-driving school in Australia's capital city, Canberra. Our reach focuses to our remarkable history, binds to the Australian Government and uncommon staying as an advantage for the Australian individuals. Our thought on examination as breathing space, and a way to deal with oversee planning, guarantees our graduates are unmistakable the world-over for their capacities to comprehend, and apply vision and imagination to tending to complex contemporary inconveniences. Canberra…

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  • Ngunnawal Tribe

    The Indigenous people whose traditional lands are the area of Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory are The Ngunnawal people (alternatively Ngunnawal tribe). First encountered by European settlers in the 1820s, the Ngunnawal people lived in an area roughly bounded by what are now the towns of Queanbeyan, Boorowa and Goulburn. The meaning of Ngunnawal is we, the people, or us and today’s spelling came from the settlers, the original spelling was Ngoonawal (rhyming with soon). The region…

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  • Use Jackson And Schuler Analysis

    Use Jackson and Schuler model to analyse the factors of the external operating environment of your chosen HE provider. University of Canberra operates in the service providing industry. The university’s operations are influenced by a number of external environment factors including; changes in the international and local culture; technology; economy; political, legal, and social environments; competitors; labour market conditions, and unions activities. The University of Canberra operates…

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  • Australian Public Service (APS)

    and temporary jobs across Australia with federal, state and local government. (Australian Public Service, 2016). Canberra holds the largest collection of civil servants with approximately 50,000 people employed by the APS, one eighth of the total population. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015).…

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  • Foody Marketing Plan

    of sales promotion which can be adapted to the Healthy Happy foody, for example BOGOF promotion which means buy one get one free, coupons attached in newspapers, sampling, money-off promotions, displays, tasting and customer bonus system with coupon stickers. (Hollensen 2003, 685-687) it can also do sales promotion in public events for example opening stall in Floriade or weekly markets will cause awareness of product. Online Advertising Creating website Facebook Twitter Total estimated…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of South Sudanese Refugees

    The aims and objectives of this review is to evaluate the views of the South Sudanese refugees in ACT to discover their challenges. The aim of evaluation is to capture attention from the perspective of participants in services delivery for South Sudanese refugee’s residing in Canberra. The assessment will use difference way to collect information of challenging issues from South Sudanese participants. The investigation will find out what barriers limited their ability to be integrated into…

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  • Kangaroo Vehicle Collisions Report

    A study completed in Canberra, found that 498 Kangaroos were killed during collisions with vehicles from 2007 to 2013 in known hotspots (Raggatt, 2014). The actual number of Kangaroos killed is predicted to be significantly larger as the study relied on reported incidents. Therefore, it is extremely evident that kangaroo vehicle collisions raise a number of kangaroo welfare issues. Klocker argues that one welfare issue is the potential impacts on population viability (Klocker, 2006, p1),…

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  • What Is The Role Of Refugees In Australia

    This population arrives to Australia without documentation and has to wait for the resettlement while are in a centers located in Christmas Island or Nauru Island. Thus, which can be a time-consuming process. Reference list: Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Programme, Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Canberra, 2015 Australia’s Department of Social Services, Canberra, 2014…

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