Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

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  • Courage In 'Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes'

    most, sometimes it requires help from other people to drag out the needed courage. In “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes” written by Chris Crutcher, Eric Calhoun the main protagonist is motivated by Mrs. Lemry his swimming coach and english teacher, Sarah Byrnes one of his best friend, and Mrs. Calhoun his mother to step and be courageous for himself and those who had always been there for him. Eric Calhoun as a child was overweight. However, this all changed when Eric was recruited into the swim team when he entered high school and as a result of polishing his skills and pushing himself he slowly starts to grow slimmer. But, Eric’s motivation to become better and his rigorous training did not come without a person pushing him to be better. Mrs.…

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  • Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Analysis

    Book-banning in school libraries has been on-going for as long as people have been writing novels. Stories are usually censored for its language, sexual content, religious reasons and many more. One book looking at to be censored is Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher. In this questioned book, Sarah Byrnes is a senior, who has a friend named Moby. Moby struggles with his weight and Sarah, also struggles with her appearance having burn marks from when she was younger. Although, people…

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  • Book Review: Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

    Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes is a great book that shows much courage that many could learn from. Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes has two kids called Sarah and Eric that are outcasts in the school. They go through some rough experiences and then Sarah goes quiet and goes to a hospital but the reason she goes quiet is a secret that she has kept her whole life. In this book many show lots of courage, but these are just some of the people showing courage and they are Sarah Byrnes, Eric Calhoune, and…

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  • Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Character Analysis

    displayed very well in Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes. There's a remarkable amount of courage shown from the decisions of many characters, but most importantly, Sarah Byrnes and Mark Brittain. Getting burned and living with scars is one thing, but when your father does it on purpose to hurt you and your mother, it’s much harder to live with. Even after the hardships of dealing with her father’s abuse, Sarah Byrnes still manages to be the most courageous character in the book Staying Fat For Sarah…

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