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  • Conflicts In Tangerine

    What Paul decides to do is not smart and resulted in serious consequences. Tino and Victor decided to walk in at the senior awards and cause a big scene and beat up Erik and Arthur to quench their thirst for revenge for what they did to their brother Luis Cruz. Meanwhile, Paul decides to get out of the bleachers, jump through the air and land right on the coaches back.This is exactly what happened, “Then Tino stepped back, measured the distance, and brought his knee up into Erik’s face… ‘That's for Luis Cruz! I take care of his light work.’... All I remember next is Mom shouting ‘Paul!’ as I took off, flying through the air ,I landed hard on Coach Warner’s back” (258 & 259).As a result of Paul’s actions he got expelled. “‘Your violation is called a ‘Level Four Infraction’... assaulting a teacher or other school Board employee. This is the most serious level of infraction and the penalty for this and any Level Four Infraction is expulsion”’ (294). Paul did not make a good choice. He could not diminish the severity of what he had done and he suffered the consequences. Paul got out of control which is why he is getting…

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  • Social Justice Experience: My Experience From High School To College

    color view the world. This class made me more analytical and critical about certain things. It has definitely made me view the United States in a whole new perspective. I truly felt that this has made me grow as an individual because it solved most of the missing puzzles that did not made sense while growing up. College has been an eye-opening experience for me. I met a lot of great people, sacrificed many weekends to study, gained a few pounds, shed a tear or two because of stress, forgot the…

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  • Monster By O Brien Summary

    men, James King and "Bobo" Evans entered a drugstore. They were to loot the proprietor, Mr. Nesbitt. Much to their dismay Mr. Nesbitt had an authorized firearm. There was a battle and Mr. Nesbitt was shot dead. There was a lady in the store at the season of the wrongdoing and she recognized King and said there was another dark man conceivably Bobo Evans. Despite the fact that Bobo is now in prison for different wrongdoings, he denies the wrongdoing and says he was not there. Five containers of…

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  • History Of Chicago Union Hospital

    In some instances they come down there to find out why they were suspended. He spent most of his time showing me how a physician can be put on suspension and how to deal with them once they find out. He works with the doctors most of the time to resolve the suspension issue. One way he is able to help is by assigning most of the deficiency components to their residents for completion other than signatures. I have heard stories of how bad an encounter can go with an angry physician but Luis…

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  • Mexican Music

    Traditional Grupera music is dominated by groups such as Yonics, La Migra, Limite, Los Temerarios and Jenni Rivera. The most popular Mexican pop stars consists of Thalia, Linda Thomas, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernandez, and Gloria Trevi. Some Mexican rockers are Los Freddys, Los Babys, La Migra, and Los Muecas. In Mexico there is Modern Mexican alternative performers which are Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio, Cafe Tacuba, and Nortec Collective. Fans of bolero will enjoy listening to…

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  • Un Chien Andalou Film Analysis

    humour as its upbeat, non-diegetic nature undermines this grotesque imagery. “Historically, this film represents a violent reaction against what at the time was called ‘avant garde cine’ which was directed exclusively to the artistic sensibility and to the reason of the spectator.” This film constantly eludes the predictable nature of classical cinema through its surrealist art. Its rationality is peculiar and the events are never questioned by any of the characters, diverting from classical…

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  • Mexican Culture Essay

    The Renovation of a Damaged People: Mexico’s Post-Revolution Cultural Recovery Throughout history, music, art, and literature have held key roles in dealing with and responding to current political events. This type of culture has been used for good and evil - spreading truth that inspires the masses to make a change, or propaganda in order for a government to cultivate certain ideas within its citizens. By looking at the content of artistic expression during any given time and in any given…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Santa Cruz

    sunny Saturday morning in JUne my family and I went on an amazing vacation, in Santa Cruz, California. It all started one day when my mom announced to the whole family that we were gonna go on a fun vacation for 2 days. That's when my brother and I decided that a trip to Santa Cruz was the best option. SO we begged and begged and begged until our mom and dad finally gave in and agreed to take us there. So after packing our bags, booking a house to stay in, grabbing all of our beach essentials,…

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  • California Quake Summary

    However, the next article I’m going to talk about gives us the exact locations where the quake hit California areas. This article named, “The California Quake: “I Don’t Want to Die in Here”: Disaster Areas…” This article was written and published in the New York Times in 1989, which is a while from the actual event. This article clearly describes 7 counties that affected by the quake, such as Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, and Monterey. Beside the…

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  • Challenges In The Third Bank Of The River

    Thorough out life, many people experience different challenges. In these stories the main characters all go through different types of challenges. The main character in Ray Carver 's "Cathedral" has the challenge of isolation and social awkwardness. The character Robert has the large challenge of being blind. In Jorge Luis Borges ' story, the main character has the challenges of insomnia and loneliness. And finally, the main character in J.G. Rosa 's "The Third Bank of the River" has the…

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