The Day the Earth Stopped

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  • Personal Narrative: Overbrook Asylum

    It was a gray day. The sun did not shine; it could not sever the layers of powdery black skies and the fog. The thick mist that was not really rain and not really fog covered the southeastern corner of New Jersey. It was depressing, just like most days in the area surrounding the Overbrook Asylum. On the outside, Overbrook was a welcoming place where patients were treated with care and respect; the inside was very different. I entered the asylum as a nurse in May of 1910 and was excited to be able to lend a helping hand to the people in need. I always had an interest in what made people tick and what made people think the way they did. The hospital had provided me a living area for the time I was there. The hospital wanted nurses who were on-call twenty-four hours a day, because the only time patients were allowed to leave the facility was to visit with family on holidays or…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Trans-Alleghany Insane Asylum

    make out what was inside the jars, and I'm sure I wouldn't want to either. I crept around the large room, picking up mysterious objects and studying them. Kian walked back down the staircase and went to who-knows-where. Naomi stood by my side the whole time, checking out everything in the room just as I did. "I bet this was the room where they tortured and experimented on the patients." Naomi observed. I nodded, thinking the same thing. I suddenly felt Naomi's presence leave me. I turned to…

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  • Short Story: Beauty Of Our Planet (3)

    Beauty of our Planet (3) The earth is round. It is rotating every 24 hours with one complete rotation on its axis. That one rotation, is called a day. Imagine that sun shines as a flashlight that descends on the earth. That flash light won’t shines the whole earth but only a part of it. While the opposite side of the earth would be dark, our side would receive the sunlight. Sometimes, a solar eclipses occur at New Moon, when the moon is between Earth and the Sun. Lunar eclipse occur, when Earth…

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  • Conservative Definition Essay

    save the earth day by day. People are trying to be conservative in their daily lives. Performing daily tasks for survival in moderation is how people express conservative values in their lives. However, the word conservative cannot exist with only one meaning. Numerous, elaborate definitions are present in the word conservative. One potential analysis of conservative relates to the physical aspect of the word. Conservatism is a way of life. A modest lifestyle is a form of the word…

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  • The Miasma Research Paper

    miasma could linger on the clothes and bedding of the infected as well (Slack, 437). However, there was debate about the origin of the miasma. Some said that God sent the miasma directly to Earth, others said that the miasma was due to certain alignments of the stars. German physician Konrad von Megenberg blamed the miasma on earthquakes caused by God. He believed that the earth held poisonous gases inside, and when God sent an earthquake, the poisonous air could escape through the cracks in the…

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  • Stop Littering Research Paper

    Have you ever walked down the road and seen hundreds of cans and bottles that were just tossed out the window? The earth is being polluted more and more each day as people are tossing their trash on the ground. Millions of dollars are spent every year, making simple things such as plastic bottles, because people are sending them to landfills instead of recycling bins. The earth is becoming a dirty place and it is already beginning to impact us. The best ways to make the earth cleaner are to…

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  • Symbolism In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

    Venus is a planet that no one on Earth can reach. Ray Bradbury the author of All Summer In A Day uses author's craft to enable readers to live life on Venus; the sunless planet. Crafts like symbolism and descriptive language create deep rooted meanings in the short story. Sure, simile and metaphor can help you picture the image as well but not as good as the Crafts mentioned above. …

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  • Proof Of God's Existence

    surround us on a day to day basis. To begin with, the Merriam-Webster dictionary website defines faith as “strong belief or trust in someone…

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  • Are We There Yet?

    changes here on Earth. Some will argue that rapid deforestation, littering, and greenhouse gasses are causes for the strange weather patterns on this planet. However, others will argue and say, “It’s just the planet’s natural cycle.” Like most people, I had never really bothered to pay attention. I didn’t have an opinion, but it seemed like I couldn’t escape the heated topic. It was impossible to watch television or browse the internet without someone saying, “global warming is a real thing,”…

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  • Who Is The Zarbitz: Fact Or Fiction?

    After leaving the Planet a desolate wasteland the Zarbitz returned to their ships en orbit and fired their artillery at Earth. Earth was completely obliterated and the Tarukfama's vessel was destroyed as well. With the life force absorbed on Earth it allowed the Zarbitz to replicate at an alarming rate. They attempted to hunt down the being who they thought lied to them about the Tarukfama, but he had vanished without a trace. The Zarbitz began spreading further and further into the universes…

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