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  • Edward Bloor Tangerine Theme Analysis

    Have you ever had that moment in your life when the truth about something, ‘’set you free?’’ Well this book is all about that. The themes of ‘’Tangerine” by Edward Bloor is seeing and the truth. Paul faces many things in his life, which all revolves around those themes. The main character had a traumatic experience when he was young, so he completely blocked out the memory and forgot all about it. Little by little, Paul pieces his memory together. Ironically, Paul sees the truth about others, but he doesn’t know everything about himself. On page 4 of the book, Paul says, I can see everything. I can see things mom or dad can’t see. Or won’t.’’ Edward Bloor expresses the themes of seeing and truth in each part of the book. Edward Bloor uses…

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  • Paul In Tangerine

    “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” -Paulo Coelho. In the novel “Tangerine”, by Edward Bloor, Paul became braver throughout the story because of the actions of his mother. Paul's mother was fine with him going to Tangerine Middle, lied to him about his eyesight, and giving Paul the IEP. All of these decisions that Paul's mother made has affected Paul by making him braver in his everyday life. One choice that Paul's mother made was sending Paul to Tangerine Middle when…

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  • Tangerine: A Review Of Tangerine By Paul Fisher

    With the help of his teammates, a boy discovers what lies beneath the surface of his strange new hometown. Paul Fisher developed a lot throughout this book tangerine. First Pauls family moves to Tangerine because of this move he has problems at his school about his eye vision. Then he gets kicked of the soccer team and has to leave the school because the sinkhole ate his classroom. The sinkhole changed Paul a lot. It showed that he was a courageous boy because he was not scared of the sinkhole…

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  • Symbolism In Tangerine

    Tangerine, a realistic fiction novel, based on the themes of trust, truth, and lies, and how they affect the main character Paul through his struggles in Tangerine County, Florida. In the book the motif is sight, but the meaning of motif is the recurring topic with a symbolic meaning. Sight is what the character understands and serves as a reminder to the reader, in this instance it is Paul, the main character, is nearly blind but can see better than many in Tangerine. Through the motif of…

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  • Erik In Tangerine

    Throughout history there has been many bad people in the world, such as this 11-year-old boy who shot his 8 year old neighbor with a single shot 12 gauge shotgun because she let him see her puppies. White Pine, Tennessee October 6, 2015 . He shot the girl out of anger this relates to Erik because out of anger he also killed an innocent person. Eriks abusive, aggressive, and manipulative behavior makes him as one of the biggest criminals in Tangerine. As there are many characteristics in a…

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  • Character Analysis: Tangerine

    “ I don't remember saying this to you” Eleanor said. “ Tangerine, love is something rare and unique no one will be able to explain it to you, it's either you will know it or you will spend your life thinking that you know it, what is between me and carver is a true love and I know it, am not tricking myself I don't need to, and the time has nothing to do with love, you may love someone in a moment and sometimes it takes a lifetime to love someone else, right?” Eleanor said. “ Right, but what is…

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  • Essay On Symbolism In Tangerine

    Life delivers many problems, which, even though bad, come with new experiences and life lessons. Symbolism is portrayed in all problems and can lead back to a certain event, or important memory in one’s life. Problems are shown throughout the novel Tangerine, a book written by Edward Bloor. These problems are symbolic references, and can be anything from muck fires to koi fish to sinkholes. Families never die, and neither do muck fires, chosen to represent perfect families without secrets or…

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  • Paul Fisher In Tangerine

    In the novel Tangerine, Paul Fisher is supposed to be a young man that became almost blinded by his brother and brother's friend spray painting his eyes. He is supposedly almost blind but actually, he can see more than what his parents can see. Erik Fisher, Paul’s brother, is a really mean boy who tries to kill Paul in a flashback, spray paints his eyes, steals a bunch of priceless objects from houses, and kills someone. Mom and Dad don’t see what a psycho Erik is. Through the motif of sight,…

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  • Conflicts In Tangerine

    In Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, many decisions and choices lead to conflicts and consequences. Paul is a middle school kid who plays soccer and has coke bottle glasses. He doesn’t live such a normal life considering that his brother is evil and does very bad things and isn’t just your ordinary older brother. Paul makes many decisions over long periods of time, since he was born, but all these decisions have not gone his way. They even make his life worse. First off, Paul, the main character,…

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  • Examples Of Qoute In Tangerine

    In the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, the qoute “the truth shall set you free” on page 269 was used. I’m going to be breaking it down with evidence and explain what i think it means as being used in the book and to me. On page 269, Edward Bloor uses to qoute “the truth shall set you free” to show that it was about time for Paul to tell everyone the truth of how Luis Cruz died. When Paul heard Antoine Thomas tell him that qoute, he knew that if he tells everyone the truth, he will feel no…

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