Edward Bloor Tangerine Theme Analysis

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Have you ever had that moment in your life when the truth about something, ‘’set you free?’’ Well this book is all about that. The themes of ‘’Tangerine” by Edward Bloor is seeing and the truth. Paul faces many things in his life, which all revolves around those themes. The main character had a traumatic experience when he was young, so he completely blocked out the memory and forgot all about it. Little by little, Paul pieces his memory together. Ironically, Paul sees the truth about others, but he doesn’t know everything about himself. On page 4 of the book, Paul says, I can see everything. I can see things mom or dad can’t see. Or won’t.’’ Edward Bloor expresses the themes of seeing and truth in each part of the book.

Edward Bloor uses
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Paul’s old school, Lake Windsor Downs Middle, got attacked from a giant sinkhole that destroyed classrooms. Now the school has two many students and some are allowed to go to Tangerine. Paul thinks ‘’The heavens opened up for him’’ because going to a new school meant he could play on the soccer team there! Edward Bloor expresses the theme of truth with foreshadowing. Remember how Paul ratted out Tangerine students for vandalism? Well, on page 109, Paul was sitting with the kids he told on. Tino and Victor started talking about the incident and paul thought, ‘’Maybe you actually got away with ratting out these guys.’’ This foreshadows that Tino or Victor may find out about the secret. Days later, Paul feels guilty and spills the beans. The foreshadowing expresses the theme of truth because Paul told Tino what really happened. The author uses flashbacks of Paul’s memory to express the theme of seeing the truth. On page 182, Paul gets a flashback which shows his grandparents pulling up into a garage and then asking about his eyes. With this flashback, Paul is one step closer to finding out what really happened. This expresses the theme of seeing the …show more content…
But another thing happened: Luis Cruz died from the hands of Erik and his minion. Paul and his soccer homies decided to teach Erik and Arthur a lesson. During the Senior awards, Victor and Tino humiliated Erik and his henchman in front of a lot of people. They punched and attacked Erik and Arthur. The coach stepped in and grabbed Tino, so Paul ran up to break the grip so the Tino and Victor could get away. After paul ran of out of the Building, The two Evil football players ran of to hurt him. Paul was no longer scared. He told them the truth, that he really knew what happened to Luis. Erik and Arthur ran off in fear of people knowing. Paul then got a flashback, what really happened to his vision, and what happened to him. On page 263, Paul saw the truth about everything. The flashback started with a wall again, which represented Paul used to blocking out the truth. Erik and Victor Castor, his old goon, thought that Paul ratted on them that they vandalized a wall in Silver Meadows. Victor got in trouble, so they got revenge on Paul for something he didn’t do. They opened his eyes, got the can of spray paint, and sprayed it into his eyes. This represents the theme of seeing the truth. Paul finally faced his fear, and saw the truth about everything. This is how the author Edward Bloor expresses the theme of seeing the truth. Edward Bloor’s book connects

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