Beyond Belief: A Chronicle of Murder and its Detection

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  • Larry Bittaker: Toolbox Murderers

    and raped her getting put in jail yet again but this time he met Bittaker. Later on, they bought a cargo van without windows and named it the “Murder Mack.” Their first and second victims were a 16-year-old girl named Cindy Schaeffer and 18-year-old Andrea Hall who were both raped and tortured before they were killed in the Murder Mack but Hall had been stabbed through her ears with ice picks. Their next attack were two girls, 15 year old Jackie Gilliam and 13 year old Leah Lamp who they kept for 2 days, as well as raped and tortured them while recording it. However, their next attack didn’t go as planned, they abducted a woman name Shirley Sanders and they raped her and even though she fortunately escaped before they murdered her, she couldn’t identify them or their license plate. Their last and final victim was Shirley Ledford and they raped and tortured her, as per usual. However they murdered her while driving as opposed to parking the Murder Mack. Bittaker made the mistake of bragging to a “friend” in prison about the murders and the friend thought nothing of it until Ledford’s body was found and then he turned in Bittaker. Bittaker got the death penalty and Norris got 45 years in prison. However they were both charged with multiple counts of kidnapping, rape, robbery, deviant sexual assault, criminal conspiracy and of course murder. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were similar in a lot of ways. Ian Brady was born in Scotland and lived without a father and his mother…

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  • Objectivity And Subjectivity In History

    house and smoke themselves to death, or keep on stabbing themselves to death, these are private or biographical matters that are not the concern of the reporter or for that matter of legislators or of priests; on the other a psychologist, an employer, or a family member may be concerned with these events. The point is that those events are not facts of social interaction, political action, or operating in the world. They are not deeds of the public life, and, therefore they are not a…

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