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  • Victor Hugo Research Paper

    dealing with loss, Victor Hugo helped to define the romantic movement in France through his writing. His works include many poems, books, and plays revolving around love and politics. Many of his works were either published or performed during his life. While Victor Hugo is known for his many works during the romantic movement, he wrote his most famous works around the time of the French Civil War. Victor Marie Hugo was born to an aristocratic mother and a father who was a major in Napoleon’s army (“Victor Hugo: The dangerous master”). He was born on the 26th of February in 1802 in Besaçon, France (“Victor Hugo”). He was the third son of Major…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Napoleon III' By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    III’s banishment of the French writer Victor Hugo for creating writings that were deemed critical of the government incentivized English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s crafting of a letter to the emperor, in which she employs various rhetorical strategies in order to implore him to pardon Hugo. In her petition, Browning constructs her argument with strong diction that emphasizes the intensity of her emotions as well as reverent appeals to the emperor’s noble authority and legacy in order to…

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  • Justice In Les Misérables By Victor Hugo

    During the political and controversial times of the nineteenth century, Victor Hugo used his characters to represent the lifesaving and life-taking abilities of mercy and justice, respectively, in his romantic novel, Les Misérables. Inspector Javert represents the ideology of justice in the novel, and he eventually shows the troubles of living with a completely impassive attitude toward those he deems as undeserving of freedom. Though justice seems to control the actions of the aforementioned…

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  • Les Miserables By Victor Hugo: Character Analysis

    first sighting. There’s more to it than looks. However, in Les Miserables written by Victor Hugo, the immaturity shown throughout his writing leads to Eponine losing out in the long run. With almost everything about women being physical characteristics written in the book, Eponine is looked down upon even though her personal traits had more to offer. Eponine was a better fit for Marius, rather than Cosette, since Eponine knew him all his life, didn’t love him based off his looks, was smarter,…

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  • Positivity And Adversity In Les Misérables By Victor Hugo

    Positivity and Adversity in the Face of Poverty Can you imagine what it would it be like to experience true poverty, and how it would shape your worldview? In Les Misérables, Victor Hugo addresses such a topic using multiple characters’ experiences of living on the margins of society. Each characters’ outlook on life and attitude towards poverty has a dramatic effect on their experiences: Fantine views poverty with deep resentment, Jean Valjean sees his impoverished experience as something he…

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  • The Themes Of Love In Les Miserables, By Victor Hugo

    are action packed with a climax and a predictable ending. Victor Hugo took a different stance while writing his book Les Miserables. Hugo's idea of action is presented through Jean Valjean, who is held in prison for many years because he stole a loaf of bread. He includes unique love stories unlike the typical ones that we read about. Hugo's main purpose is to challenge people to consider their morals on forgiveness and love. While most of the town seems to turn against Jean Valjean after his…

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  • The Transformation Of Jean Valjean In Les Miserables By Victor Hugo

    the beginning of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo we see a man once a slave in the galleys. A man broken and beaten, Jean Valjean a sliver of the man he was before. He is forced to beg even for a place to lay his head and find a bite to eat. Trudging house to house, looking for shelter here and there. Until, upon a cold, dark night there forms a light in the doorway, the light of the Bishop. The man who invites Jean Valjean into his church, feeds him and gives him a place to stay and, most…

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  • Emotions Between Characters In Les Miserables By Victor Hugo

    Les Miserables by Victor Hugo displays a great deal of emotions between characters. Love is one emotion in the novel that brought the characters together but tore them apart as well. One example of this love is the triangle between Marius, Cosette, and Eponine. The longing that Eponine has for Marius causes her to risk her life for the one man who would not love her back. Throughout the novel and movie, Eponine shows a deeper love for Marius than Cosette had when she laid eyes on him for the…

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  • Realizing The Importance Of Relationships In My October By Claire Holden Rothman

    that this is not so true. This realization happens when Luc does not understand his family and is being selfish at first, but after having his son run away from home, and trying to communicate to him afterwards, Luc is brought into his reality that he hasn’t been an ideal father after all. Initially, Luc is self-centered and does not try to understand the importance of family. Luc takes no responsibility for his son Hugo. Hugo pretends to faint at school as a prank and Luc blames the…

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  • Native Americans Vs. Non-English Speakers

    Language is a tool we use to create the life we desire. Living in the United States means having to speak English. Glenn Davis, in Speaking English Right, says “English speakers in the United States earn more money than non-English speakers.” As in today companies are looking for people with good social security numbers and as we know most Mexicans that weren’t born in the United States don’t have social security numbers. My aunt was born in Mexico in a small town call Ixcatiopan. Coming to …

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