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  • Inspector Javert Essay

    the musical, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, the readers are introduced to Inspector Javert. He is portrayed as the antagonist for setting forth the law on a seeming less never ending pursuit of Jean Valjean. However, he is not the guy everyone makes him out to be. Javert went after Jean Valjean because of his past with his parents, causing him to be strict with the law that has left lasting psychological effects on his adulthood. Javert has had a rough past, being born in a jail to a thief and prostitute.…

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  • Jean Valjean's Life During The French Revolution

    first, knowing that Javert was searching for him and he was a convict. Cosette pleaded her father to let her go outside the wall she was confined in, but Valjean declined. He was only convinced after Cosette informed him that she didn’t feel like she belonged at the church school, and the only thing she wanted was to be happy, which could only be attained by leaving the school. Another of the many times grace to Cosette was shown was when Valjean, presumably, allowed Cosette to meet up with…

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  • Javert Is Good Essay

    In addition, Javert is an example of a character whose human nature is good because he acts morally right. According to Les Miserables, it states, “To owe life to a malefactor, to accept that debt and to pay it, to be, in spite of himself, on a level with a fugitive from justice, and to pay him for one service with another service; to allow him to say...betray society in order to be true to his own conscience; that all these absurdities should be realized and that they should be accumulated upon…

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  • Javert In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables

    The character Javert from “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo has been short-handedly portrayed as an obsessive single minded man who does nothing but chase for convict Jean Valjean. Yet, in the book it appears that Javert doesn’t pursue Jean Valjean as much as he coincidently runs into him a couple of times over the years. The truth is that Javert was never obsessed with Jean Valjean, but the musical has perceived people to think otherwise. With this day in age, the people of society rather watch a…

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  • Suicide In Javert's Les Miserables

    Jean Veljean over the course of many years, Javert is unable to capture the convict while given multiple opportunities. When adversity hits Javert who is a man of the law in the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, the individual uses suicide as his solution to escape his inability to understand compassion. While everyone in the community has dealt with Javert’s unwavering commitment to the law, the people judge him, as they are unaware of his past which influences his actions. Despite public…

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  • Who Is Javert's Redemption?

    In Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, the redemption of Javert mirrors the redemption I showed towards Katie Houser when she stole all my money. Javert ruined Jean Valjean’s life whenever things started to go well. Javert sent Jean to prison which forced him to leave behind his good reputation and large income. He tracked Jean down and forced him to move away to conceal his identity. Javert was captured by Marius’ barricade and was sentenced to die. Jean agreed to be the one to kill him. Jean led…

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  • Punishment In Les Miserables

    Javert’s beliefs are altered, and the world becomes unbearable. He placed his faith in the justice system, but when divine law arises, giving prisoners second chances, Javert cannot find his place on this earth. Divine law contradicts everything he ever believed in. Javert’s only choice to escape his conscious was to commit suicide. The law, in Javert’s eyes, is black and white. Anyone who commits a crime deserves full and, at times, unreasonable punishment. Gray areas and excuses are not…

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  • Fantine: Morality In Myriel's Fantine

    take every opportunity to make her circumstances even more desperate. Detective Javert A benevolent malefactor, merciful, gentle, helpful, clement, a convict, returning good for evil, giving back pardon for hatred, preferring pity to vengeance, preferring to ruin himself rather than to ruin his enemy, saving him who had smitten him, kneeling on the heights of virtue, more nearly akin to an angel than to a man. Javert was constrained to admit to himself that this monster existed. One can say…

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  • Les Miserables Compassion Analysis

    demonstrates that compassion is more effective than punishment. (2) Despite Inspector Javert’s serve obsession with finding Jean Valjean, the circumstances under which this is achieved forces Javert to examine his own perception of justice. (3) Jean Valjean’s numerous selfless actions conflict with Javert’s label of him as a dangerous convict. (4) Javert’s fixation on punishment does not allow any room for compassion, and to his mind, the only way he can show mercy to Jean Valjean is to punish…

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  • Valjean Enter The Barricades Study Questions

    reward was to kill Javet. The irony in this sentence is that throughout the novel Javert had made it his mission to capture the convict Jean Valjean but suddenly he becomes Valjean's prisoner after being found out as a spy. Valjean frees Javert but not before he tell him his address. I believe he does this because he knows that after he gets Marius to Cosette she will not be alone but he will.…

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