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  • Patent Trolls Analysis

    NO regulation on Patent Trolls A patent troll is a person or a company which uses its patent to sue other people or companies for money. Normally, the patent trolls which also known as NPEs (non-practicing entities) or PAEs (patent assertion entities) do not produce offer products or services with their patents. They just retain their patents. Recently, Hyundai, which is the South Korea’s vehicle company, has been struggled with a Paice, which is the U.S.’s company. The Paice is a notorious NPE which has hybrid car patents and accuses other global car companies. Toyota got an order to pay loyalty to the Paice after the 6 years’ lawsuit; moreover, Hyundai is still doing their lawsuit. Like this example, the patent trolls use their powers which…

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  • George Selden: A Patent Troll

    Patent Troll Introduction (Kirubael) The word "Troll" represents individuals who like to cause problems, arguments, or just make people upset. A Patent troll is a term applied to a company or person who is trying to "enforce patent rights against accused infringer's in an attempt to collect licensing fees but do not manufacture the supply" (1). The main function of a patent troll is not to produce or sell items but just to convince third parties to purchase a license. There are two main types…

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  • Monsanto Essay

    1. Should someone be able to patent life? Life should be able to be patented with many exceptions. Anything with a brain should not be able to be patented as that would be inhumane. However, tampering with the genes of other forms of life can become helpful to society. For example, microbes that can eat up oil spills can save many other living beings in the ocean. As well as this, having variety in foods is vital to prevent diseases wiping out a species of food that many people rely on. It…

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  • Social Relationships And Social Media

    virtual interaction, and ignore the real world outside. It seems that not only are we using these devices to hide from social gatherings, but the use of social media on a lone basis (in other words, those who rely on social media for their social and cultural stimulation) find it increasingly difficult to not only socialize in situations where it is called for, but they are generally more depressed and anxious in actual social situations. There is this action people do call trolling, and they…

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  • Ten Trolls Analysis

    unsafe environment and needs to be more controlled. Reading through Time magazine they have given an article about internet "Trolls" and how abusive they can be. Does this stand true, though? Information provided in their article substantiates their claim, but is their proof that this abuse is far less than what their opinionated view states? Many claims have been made throughout this piece and all seem to be one-sided. They do give a small sliver of questioning. I am not sure…

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  • Realizing The Importance Of Relationships In My October By Claire Holden Rothman

    Realizing the Importance of Relationships Creating healthy relationships with family is far more important than some may presume. In Claire Holden Rothman’s ‘My October’, Luc is under an illusion that he is the ideal father but soon realizes that this is not so true. This realization happens when Luc does not understand his family and is being selfish at first, but after having his son run away from home, and trying to communicate to him afterwards, Luc is brought into his reality that…

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  • Essay On Trolling

    While some people are posting trolling comments as leisure, these comments can bring up racial or gender discrimination on social media and in the actual society as well. According to an article from Los Angeles Times, Patt Morrison states, “It 's hard to get demographics on who trolls are, but you note that their targets are usually women, people of color and LGBT people, and sometimes Christians and Republicans”. In addition to discrimination, the author assumes that trolling is likely to be…

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  • Social Media Stereotypes

    For the media the term trolling represents an evocative term predominately used to describe circumstances in which an individual has been victimised or bullied online. Academic literature meanwhile typically considers trolls to be agents of disruption or breeders of hatred, though some, namely those referred to within the literature as kudos trollers, whose posts often display transgressive humour are believed to play useful and necessary roles in internet based interactions, especially in the…

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  • Analysis Of Internet Troll By Lisa Selin Davis

    Research on the Debunker After reading the article “Internet Troll” by blogger Lisa Selin Davis. I started to wonder about internet trolls. While anyone can write a blog. They are more commonly used by writers who want to reach out to a certain audience about a specific topic. In Ms. Davis case, she writes about real estates. The blog itself has the ability to allow readers to write a response about the article posted or written if the author permits it. Some responses are kind, other are…

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  • Why Do Patents Encourage Innovation?

    Status Quo: Patents Encourage Innovation The two ideas that raise the most to support the positive role of patents to encourage innovation are: a) The utilitarian-based argument; and b) The Knowledge spillover argument. a) Utilitarian-Based Argument The solidest theoretical explanation about patents is the utilitarian incentive-based argument. In which patents reward the inventive skills of the innovator to continue working beyond in such field (Rai & Jagannathan, 2012). Patents encourage…

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