Realizing The Importance Of Relationships In My October By Claire Holden Rothman

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Realizing the Importance of Relationships Creating healthy relationships with family is far more important than some may presume. In Claire Holden Rothman’s ‘My October’, Luc is under an illusion that he is the ideal father but soon realizes that this is not so true. This realization happens when Luc does not understand his family and is being selfish at first, but after having his son run away from home, and trying to communicate to him afterwards, Luc is brought into his reality that he hasn’t been an ideal father after all. Initially, Luc is self-centered and does not try to understand the importance of family. Luc takes no responsibility for his son Hugo. Hugo pretends to faint at school as a prank and Luc blames the problem …show more content…
Hannah comes running to his apartment to ask him about Hugo’s whereabouts: ‘ “He’s here, isn’t he?” “No,” Luc said quietly.’ ” (Rothman 237). Luc lowering his voice advocates that he may feel that it is his fault that Hugo is gone and now may be in concern for his safety. This is when it really hits Luc that it is important to be open with him, but because of his ego, he is partially responsible for his disappearance. Later on when the guilt tries to eat Luc, he tries to ignore it but can’t anymore: “The room was silent. Luc tried to laugh off the suggestion [if Hugo would ever think of suicide] but the laugh was odd, a single strained note, like the bark of a dog.” (Rothman 241). As the officers question about Hugo’s disappearance, Luc tries to laugh of anything the officers suggest that may have happened which proposes that Luc really does not know much about his son. That would have been different if Luc would have given his son time. Luc’s voice is “like the bark of a dog” which would symbolise that no one cared about Luc’s words. This would make Luc feel ashamed of his previous actions and these thoughts would start changing Luc’s perspective on his relationships with his family and how important in reality it is. Also the way the officers treat Luc, make him realize that his input is not always wanted: ‘ “Luc began to answer, but the young officer waved a hand. “Your wife,” she said. “I’d like your wife to speak.’ ”. (Rothman 240). Luc is used to speaking into every conversation and proving that he is right, however for the first time he was interrupted and his input was not needed. This would make Luc realize his importance. These events start to shape a better, understanding Luc, compared to the person he was

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