Family Differences In The Movie, Soul Food, Big Mama

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Each family has their differences. No family is perfect. There comes a time in each family’s lives when their differences can set them aside and even start to pull them apart. It always seems there is one person who can help keep them together. However, when that one person is no longer with us, it takes a toll and soon things start to spiral more and more out of control. It is not until one person decides their family’s legacy is more important than the differences and past heartache. In the movie Soul Food, Big Mama is the one who always kept her family together even when her three daughters were at each other’s throats. While watching the first couple scenes of the movie, I noticed the tension in the kitchen and the dinning as all three daughters and Big Mama prepared their forty year Sunday dinner tradition. Teri, the well-to-do lawyer, continued to bring up how she has helped so many of the family members, especially Bird, the youngest, with money. Maxine, exasperated by the constant nagging of Teri, …show more content…
No matter their past, she loved them all unconditionally. Bird had a pretty good relationship with all of her family members as well. If one were to be more like Big Mama, it would be Bird and Ahmad. Teri and Maxine are a different story. Even though Maxine was considered to be the strongest of the family, Maxine and Teri had a rigid relationship. Past mistakes were still causing this relationship to be rigid and it seems like they could not get past this. Out of the three daughters, the one most rigid of them all seemed to be Teri. Teri worked hard all her life to get where she was and she focused so hard on her studies she forgot to take time to find herself. She seemed to have a rigid relationship with many of the family members. No matter what was happening, Teri was always upset since it was not going her way and it was difficult for all three daughters to

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