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  • Personal Narrative On Wakeboarding

    Wakeboarding Strapped in floating helplessly in the water I wondered what is going to happen. The engine starts and I start to get nervous with jitters, the same question repeating in my mind what is going to happen.” It was my first time attempting to wakeboard. I had learned how to kneeboard years before and loved to tube but the wakeboard was different. It needed talent not something you could just do. The kneeboard had one strap that goes around my knee not restraining me in anyway. I can swim with the kneeboard because it is not attached to my body. Wakeboard on the other hand makes it arduous to swim or even float in the water. The board was bright red and yellow with a black strip going down…

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  • Narrative Essay On Wakeboarding

    The bow of the well-sized tow boat sliced into the motionless Lake Shasta water like scissors trimming a piece of paper. A distinct hum of the motor vibrated the floor as the boat hit occasional patches of water as rough as turbulence in an airplane. “Tell me you guys are ready!” my friend’s dad announced clear enough to be heard over the motor. My friend and I immediately exchanged glances as to determine who would attempt wakeboarding first. “Connor wants to try it!” my friend exclaimed as he…

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  • Boats: The Pre-Industrial Revolution

    from or under the water using radio waves. This was in England while Nazi Germany was trying to take over, therefore the purpose of locating aircraft was war-related (The GPS Store 2016). In 1948 the first fish finding detector was introduced to the world in Nagasaki, Japan by the Furuno brothers. They were the owners of a small time marine electrical company in a small port in Japan (Furuno Electric Co 2013). In 1985 a surfer named Tony Finn created the Skurfer, which was a combination of a…

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  • Marketing Case 3: E-Business At Evo

    have led to a boom in online businesses as the internet becomes an increasingly integrated component of our lives. Evogear.com is one of the corporations to ride the wave of e-business and consumers shift towards online shopping. In fact, riding the wave is a perfect metaphor for Evogear as they market and sell discount snowboard, skateboard, and wakeboarding gear online. As an online retailer, Evogear is able to offer a much lower price on their merchandise. This lower price is created due…

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  • Being On A Lake

    Some people look at a lake and think of how many scary fish and lake weeds there are. When I look at a lake I think of how fun it would be to sink the tube or even stop at the deepest spot of the lake and jump off the boat. There are many activities that people do on the lake like swimming, stopping at the sandbar, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and many more. Being on the lake is not only just an entertaining thing to do on the weekends but it’s also a hobby that I really believe…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Maumee Bay Incident

    I had been wakeboarding before so I knew how to, but it was my cousin's first time, so it was funny to watch them because they fell a lot. They couldn’t even stand up for a while, and once they would stand up they couldn’t keep their balance and would topple over. We also had a lot of fun tubing. Sometimes, we would play games on the tube, like seeing who could stay on the longest without holding on. After we were tired out , we got to tie dye shirts. We made matching ones, and one they were…

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  • Orange Beach Research Paper

    If you’re looking for a fun Father’s Day idea for the man in your life, the Legacy Boating Club Of Orange Beach in Alabama suggests a enjoyable day spent boating in the Gulf Coast! Offering a fleet of luxury pontoon boats, fishing boats, and wave runners, Legacy Boating Club Of Orange Beach offers you and your dad the perfect vessel for your boating adventure. With its mossy public parks, world-class fishing, and plenty of opportunities to relax in the sun, Orange Beach is a one-of-a-kind…

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  • Knowing Our Place Analysis

    is three docks lined up against the water’s edge. Each dock has a different water vehicle or float attached to it; a white boat with stripes the color of wine, three jet skis with decals with colors and shapes that would make you feel like you were back in the nineties, smack or canoes and paddle boards. Just south from this family home, within fifteen minutes, you would reach the wake zone of the river, many water activities take place on this lake; boating, wakeboarding, and jet skiing. In…

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  • Bow Fishing Essay

    Easton Byrne RPM Pit Crew 2016 Hometown: Reeds Spring, MO Occupation: Student Areas of Bow-fishing Expertise: I’m am not an expert at anything. I am always looking to improve everything I do. Favorite Method of Bow-fishing: I enjoy chasing carp in the clear water of Southwest Missouri. There is nothing more fun than a night on the boat chasing fish with family and friends. Credentials and Awards: I have not won any bow-fishing awards yet. I did finish in the top 16 in the state of…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Skiing

    Snowboarding is fairly simple, point it one direction and go. On skis, you have to control both skis and stay balanced. Snowboarding is very similar to other sports, such as, skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. Skiing is one of a kind, you can only really water ski and snow ski, that’s about it. That shows how skiing can give you a unique feeling. Skiing is very important to me and my family. I go crazy when I can’t go skiing. When I see it snowing at school, I want to go skiing that…

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