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  • Panfish Expansion Case Study

    For some, fishing isn't just a hobby, its a way to survive. Not only are panfish the most targeted species, perch, crappie, and bluegill provide an excellent source of healthy food, and fun for all anglers. Currently, the total panfish possession limit for the state of Minnesota is 10 crappies, 20 bluegills, and 20 perch. Despite previous surveys showing the current possession limits are okay, I think Minnesota should raise the panfish limit because some people rely on fish as a main source of food and income. Also, raising the limit would fix stunted sizes of panfish in many lakes across the state. Finally, raising the panfish limit would create a boost in the economy of the fishing industry. Despite the general census of Minnesota anglers who recreationally fish, there are also many who heavily rely on fishing as a main source of food, and income. Jobs such as guide services rely on many fish and happy customers to create a meaningful and long lasting business. By allowing the customer more fish to take home, there is a greater chance they will return business with you in the future to continue their success. We see this…

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  • What Role Does Stikle Play In A Dictatorship

    down, and only one play under his belt, Stikle was in a serious predicament. He had to do something, and it had to be done immediately. He tried dressing as another star athlete. That did not work. He tried working out; jogging, lifting weights, running sprints. No success with that either. He even tried paying off his teammates so they would allow him to play. Of course, there was no chance at two plays with that strategy. Stikle was beginning to lose hope. Two evenings later, on…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Bullhead Catfish

    discovered that Bullhead Catfish had taken over the lake. They did not know that they had Bullheads until they were draining the lake. Bullhead Catfish aren’t good at all. They are small catfish that don’t get much bigger than a pound or so. They are worthless and they can easily take over a lake in no time at all. At the time I had a ten-gallon fish tank that I liked to put fish in. I never had good luck with goldfish and gave up. Although occasionally, I would put a few small bass or bluegill…

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  • The Round Goby

    The data shows that once the round goby was introduced to the ecosystem the native species began to decline. The four native species in lab were perch, bass, bluegill, and walleye. Each species had to use a different utensil to collect food. The perch used one plastic spoon, the bass used two knives, the bluegill used one fork, and the walleye used two forks. In graph one it is shown that the smallmouth bass still survived greatly even with the round goby in the ecosystem. In table 2 the round…

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  • Narrative About Fishing

    I thought that this day of fishing would be like every other; I get lots of practice casting but I catch nothing. This day turned out to be a whole lot different however. The lake we were fishing at in Bruneau Sand Dunes, Idaho has bluegill, catfish, and large mouth bass. I got taken out on a small kayak with my brother and an experienced fisherman named Kevin Schroeder, I had never caught any kind of fish before, and he devoted much of his time to help me land my first one. Throughout the…

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  • Icefishing Successful Essay

    A GUIDE'S SECRETS TO LATE ICE PANFISHING SUCCESS Who would ever think that a guy who makes his living battling 30 pound class muskies on 50 pound test could get just as charged up over tangling with 1 pound bluegills on 2 pound sewing thread. But that's exactly what happens to me every late winter just before ice out. I will be the first to admit I get totally crazy over catching panfish. It matters little whether it's crappies, bluegills, or perch. I love them all. If it's quality size,…

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  • Lake Descriptive Writing

    The sun is just beginning to rise as its beautiful orange rays of light shine across the lake reflecting off the morning mist. Not a cloud in the sky, it was truly a beautiful day. I could hear the slightest ripple coming from the lake as the cool spring air slowly formed a wake. Towards the bank of the lake, there were many bluegill nests with fish as far as the eye could see. The larger fish guarded the beds as the little ones peacefully remained in the nest. Near by, a fallen branch upon it…

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  • Essay On Ice Fishing

    The quality of ice determines the safety of fishing waters. Depending on location, a mere two inches is enough to support the weight of a fisher and her basic equipment. Just an inch more can support a small group of fishers. Ice that reaches twenty inches in thickness can support upwards twenty-five tons of weight. The most durable ice tends to be colored clear to blue over a lake. Slushy ice tends to support half the weight of solid ice. Erring on the side of caution is the best advice one can…

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  • Food Web Hypothesis

    other organisms, like the herbivores in the pond. There is a total of seven carnivores, which all feed on all eight herbivores, along with a mixture of some of the other predators. Because, they are at the top of the food web, there is less energy available, because some is lost at each level in the web. This is known as the biomass pyramid. This also means that the carnivores populations are normally lower compared to the herbivores, which follows the number pyramid. The number pyramid states…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Holz Lake

    clothes I was having a blast at the lake. Finally it was time for our seine net sample. Nolan and I made our way over to the boat loading dock. We made our way into the water and started to seine. I instantly knew something was wrong. My feet stuck in the mud over and over, and soon my terrible balance kicked in. I lurched forward into the water, and watched as the water filled my waders. Nolan was less than helpful, yelling at me to turn more to pull in the seine net. I felt myself…

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