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  • Warringah Council Case Study

    Aim of the investigation The aim of the investigation is to evaluate the residential recycling program of Warringah Council against Sunshine Coast Council. Study Area Warringah Council is a local government area located on the Northern Beaches, in Metropolitan Sydney region. Warringah council covers an area of 149 square kilometres. Figure 1 is a map of Warringah Council and shows its five borders: Narrabeen Lagoon to the northeast, Cowan Creek to the North, The Tasman Sea to the east, Manly Lagoon and Middle Harbour to the South, and Ku-ring-gai Council to the West. There are 27 suburbs and 19 localities. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are 155,289 residents. Warringah Council runs a weekly collection for residential waste. As illustrated in Figure 2, Warringah Council provides three types of recycling bins: mixed containers…

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  • Short Summary: Belrose And The Rainforest

    Belrose Summary Belrose is known locally as The Forest because of its lush greenery and proximity to two national parks and leafy landscape. The centre of Sydney is a mere 19 kilometres away, making the work or play commute easy by vehicle or bus. When the locals aren’t working in the city, they are spending time with their families in one of the lush parks or playgrounds. Local retirees love this pristine little paradise where they can relax, enjoy retirement, play golf, and watch the local…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Equality 7-2521

    so when the Council labels students their profession, he wishes for the Scholar label. Unfortunately the decision didn’t go as planned. After receiving the label of being a street sweeper, Equality 7-2521 finds a tunnel from The Unmentionable Times. This tunnel becomes his “experimentation lab”. In this lab, he re-invents electricity and presents the invention to the Council of Scholars. The Council asks Equality 7-2521 if he made the invention alone. He replied with yes. “‘What is not done…

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  • Social Media Influence On Modern America

    someone’s beliefs or attitude. This method is also shown in Anthem by the council keeping everyone in a “we” mindset and changing them over originally. One way of brainwashing…

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  • Tuesday City Council Case Study

    The temperature outside was 73 degrees, but fuses were blowing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Continuing business from October’s meeting, councilmember Dale Reynolds requested that a special meeting be held in the interest of homelessness in the city. Having that meeting in the Multi-purpose Room with department heads from city agencies, two council members met on Wednesday to put their heads together to implement a way, to solve the ever growing problem. “Homeless people, whether they…

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  • Reflective Essay: Political Action And The Civil Rights Movement

    Being somewhat naïve, I anticipated an immediate response that safety changes were necessary and quick action to implement some. Instead I realized that creating change is difficult and moves very slowly; especially if costs are involved. This was a great example of the checks and balances principle of government; the majority was not completely convinced change was necessary by a single minority voice. If a grass roots movement of many people was utilized instead, I believe the need for changes…

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  • The Transformation Of The Protagonist In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    Just Equality’s image makes him seem conspicuous, therefore he is already to be feared. Second, while he is enrolled in school, Equality contrasts from the other humans because he asks questions and is absolutely brilliant. These qualities cause problems in his life. The teachers and other authorities dislike his behavior, so Equality tries to dull himself down and seem less noticeable. Despite just trying to be like everyone else, the readers know that Equality also is ambitious. Equality…

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  • Graduation Speech: Zeta's Position

    name they have written.I feel the responsibility of serving as a member of the Programs Council entails multiple things. These include first and foremost, responsibility. In addition, a member must be able to work well with others, attend all the required meetings, have the ability to express concerns and ideas as well as having respect for their peers and superiors. The “glue” that would make all of these jell together as well as for a successful Programs Council would be commitment for each…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With The Freshman Class Council

    decided that I wanted to interview someone from Freshman Class Council. This is when I reached out to the president, Darren Johnson Jr. to set up an interview. The reason I wanted to interview him and the Freshman Class Council in general was, that they do so much for the freshman class and that impressed me from the day I got on campus. Through my interview I found out a lot of information about what Freshman Class Council is and what they do. On September, 27 I got to sit down with Darren.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On 'The Building'

    barely heard my other colleagues usually I hear Derek on the phone yelling at a woman who talked about how the council had taken her son away from her yelling, “I’m going to put a stop to this.” It all didn’t really bother me the council was evil and they did take people and their lives, but that’s just how it is and I’ve learned to live with it so far. I heard my name being called…

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