The Transformation Of The Protagonist In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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From Equality 7-2521 to Prometheus:
The Transformation of the Protagonist in “Anthem”
The protagonist in the novel “Anthem” by Ayn Rand undergoes three major transformations. These developments in the character are best exemplified by the character’s change in names. At the very beginning of the book, the hero of the story is identified by himself and all of his peers by the assigned title Equality 7-2521. After Equality meets his romantic interest, Liberty 5-3000, he receives a new name, the Unconquered. Finally, at the narrative’s conclusion, Equality dubs himself Prometheus, the Greek god who gave light to mankind. Each time the character’s name changes, it signifies an important advancement in the character’s persona.
At the very beginning
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Then one day while he is performing his job, Equality finds an underground tunnel that originates from the Unmentionable Times, the time before collectivism where every human had the right to express themselves in any way they deemed fit. For two years after discovering the tunnel, Equality visits it every day during Social Recreation Time. He spends his time down there conducting experiments and journaling. Equality knows that what he is doing is against the law, and describes himself as a sinner for continuing to go down there, but he doesn’t stop. Every time that Equality goes down beneath the city to the tunnel, he is gaining a little bit more of individuality and confidence. It isn’t an astronomically huge change, but it is leading up to a big step forward in Equality’s progression as a …show more content…
He admires her from afar, which is behavior that is definitely condemned in his society. Equality starts to develop feelings for this beautiful stranger, and gives her a little nickname in his head, the Golden One. Day after day Equality spends time marveling at the Golden One, and every moment that he spends just in her presence, his love for her grows. Eventually, Equality gains the courage to go up and converse with the Golden One. In doing this, he is knowingly breaking the law, but he cannot contain his love and adoration for the Golden One. When he speaks to her, he tells her just how stunningly beautiful that she is. He later tells the Golden One of the name he has given her. The Golden One in return tells him the name she likes to call him, the Unconquered. Equality, now the Unconquered, has taken huge leaps in his evolution as a character. He is actively breaking the law, and displays courage and impulse in doing so. He is showing preference, something that he isn’t allowed to have, and is becoming more and more confident in himself. The Unconquered is becoming bolder, and is starting to realize how special he, and everyone else, is. He is recognizing what makes people different when he is around the Golden One, and is starting to learn to embrace these

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