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  • The Transformation Of The Protagonist In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    Then one day while he is performing his job, Equality finds an underground tunnel that originates from the Unmentionable Times, the time before collectivism where every human had the right to express themselves in any way they deemed fit. For two years after discovering the tunnel, Equality visits it every day during Social Recreation Time. He spends his time down there conducting experiments and journaling. Equality knows that what he is doing is against the law, and describes himself as a sinner for continuing to go down there, but he doesn’t stop. Every time that Equality goes down beneath the city to the tunnel, he is gaining a little bit more of individuality and confidence. It isn’t an astronomically huge change, but it is leading up to a big step forward in Equality’s progression as a…

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  • He Loves Liberty The Golden One Analysis

    Ayn Rand wants people to think that when a person loses their right to be an individual or have natural human things like family and love, life becomes meaningless to the ones taking part in it. The story portrays the suffering the citizens undergo by not being free and how they cannot understand their awful situation. Near the end of the novel it is shown that life gains meaning when people are allowed to be different and given choices to do the things they love. In Equality’s case he loves…

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  • Mother Cabrini Research Paper

    Frances, or Francesca, was born on July 15, 1850 in S’ant Angelo Lodigiano. Her parents were Agostino Cabrini and Stella Oldini. (Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Her family was a very nice, but poor family. Francesca was the youngest of thirteen children, but sadly only four of the children lived to be over one year old (McCabe). When Francesca was born her mother, Stella Oldini was fifty-two years old. On that day Francesca doves came to her father’s land. Her father harmed…

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  • Golden One And International 4-2521 In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    The role of the Golden One and International 4-8818 in the novella is very strange. The people in this this story live in a weird place and they call it the novella.The way that they live is men don't pay attention to women and vice versa. If I am not mistaken I think that all women work in fields and wear white tunics. There are a lot of things that are very strange in this book instead of breaking the law they call it sins. The novella is not a place that sounds happy nor exciting. Equality…

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  • Are Gmo Good Or Bad

    A question that’s often asked is; what is a gmo, and how are they made? Scientist often take a gene that controls a desired trait in one plant-- less need for water, so it can survive a drought, for example-- and add it into a different plant. The end result: hardier crops, more colorful berries, even seedless watermelons and grapes (Paturel). One of gmos biggest benefits is certainly their health. Did you know that Vitamin A deficiency has killed 8 million kids in the last 12 years? Well,…

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  • The Golden Compass Literary Analysis

    Throughout The Golden Compass, the topic of fantasy is explored and applied to the storyline directly. From talking polar bears to bizarre personal companions, this novel certainly emphasizes the imaginative aspect of literature. The Golden Compass, written by Philip Pullman, is one of three books in the series titled His Dark Materials which exemplifies the nature of the fantasy genre by detailing completely absurd and surreal events (Pullman 2-198). In The Golden Compass, the protagonist,…

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  • Mongol Uprising Analysis

    Great Khanate in and around China, the Ilkhanate of Persia, Iraq, and parts of Anatolia, the Chagatai Khanate of Central Asia, and the Golden Horde that controlled much of the Western and Southern parts of Russia. Due to the Mongol’s leadership style, it would not be hyperbolic to state that the rule of the Golden Horde over Russia took on many unique aspects that set it apart from other ruling bodies. Despite certain differences that arose as the other parts of the…

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  • Jason And The Argonauts: Jason The Legendary Greek Hero

    Jason the legendary Greek hero most known for leading the Argonauts a band of strong brave men and the quest for the Golden Fleece. “Jason and the Argonauts were known to be the bravest and most adventurous group of men in all of ancient Greece” (Hudson). Jason though he was a mortal and was not connected to god he was under protection of the goddess Hera whose favours he had gained. Jason may not be talented or have any powers but he is still interpreted as a hero in Greek mythology, Jason’s…

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  • Who Is Sophia Petrillo's Golden Girls?

    Golden Girls was an NBC show written by Susan Harris. Golden Girls aired on Saturday nights with the idea that the show would raise their ratings and bring in an older demographic. NBC had a hard time fulfilling Saturday ratings until Golden Girls joined the line up. There are a total of 180 episodes. Golden Girls had 15 Emmy nomination and 10 wins, Golden Girls ran from 1987 and eventually ended in May 1992. The shows premise surrounds three widows and one divorcé, based in Miami all living…

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  • Golden Rice Can End World Hunger Analysis

    In Reinhard Renneberg’s article, “Golden rice can end world hunger,” he explains his ideas on the highly controversial topic of GMO Golden Rice. He begins the article by introducing the problem: 250 million children are suffering from provitamin A deficiency, which is important for resistance against infectious diseases. Renneberg’s solution is to use Golden Rice that is genetically modified containing maize DNA, which has provitamin A. He believes this to be a strong solution because rice is a…

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