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Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Mother Cabrini, was an Italian saint who was sent to America to help the immigrants. She took a stand for all the immigrants by helping and taking care of them when others didn’t, and because of that, she became the first American saint. Frances, or Francesca, was born on July 15, 1850 in S’ant Angelo Lodigiano. Her parents were Agostino Cabrini and Stella Oldini. (Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Her family was a very nice, but poor family. Francesca was the youngest of thirteen children, but sadly only four of the children lived to be over one year old (McCabe). When Francesca was born her mother, Stella Oldini was fifty-two years old. On that day Francesca doves came to her father’s land. Her father harmed one dove trying to protect his wife and new daughter, but after he cured it and set it free because he knew it was wrong. That was the reason that she was baptised the same day. (McCabe) As a baby, she was really fragile so no one thought she would live very long. (Eternal Word)

One thing that was happening in America during Mother Cabrini’s lifetime was The Age of
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One reason was because in 1889 the United States was full of poverty. So Mother Cabrini organized catechism and classes. She also provided the essentials for those who needed them. ("Mother Cabrini") Mother Cabrini also founded 67 ministry institutions. One of the camps was Queen of Heaven Camp In Golden, Colorado. The summer camp was for orphan girls. In the camp there is a 22 ft tall statue of Jesus (Colorado Virtual) Another reason was because in New York at the time there were about 50,000 Italian immigrants in need. (The Immigrant 1:49 - 2:02) Reason number three was because when Mother Cabrini came to America she helped immigrants in need by starting schools, orphanages, social services, and hospitals. She also crossed the ocean 25 times. (Cabrini

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