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  • Golden Retrievers Essay

    Why Golden Retrievers Make Excellent Family Pets My love of animals goes back to when I was a little girl growing up on my grandpa’s farm. We had most of your normal farm animals; pigs, cows, chickens, heck I even had my own pony. But none were more lovable and enjoyable than our family dog. This particular breed was a border collie and was incredibly intelligent, loyal, and friendly. She was a bit hyper but to a little girl of ten, was the source of entertainment for many years. Plus, she sparked a desire in me to become a life-long family dog owner. As a result, over the last twenty years I have owned and trained many breeds; German Shepherds, bird dogs, hound dogs, Chihuahuas, collies, and a few mixed breeds. I have loved all of my dogs…

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  • Golden Ratios For Facial Beauty

    Beauty is not often spoken about in regards to correlating with mathematics. However, there are multitudes of scientific discoveries and studies that prove mathematics has very much to do with universal beauty, and interestingly, why people are considered more attractive over others. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical number that is a determinant factor of why some people are considered more good-looking than others. Although the accuracy of the Golden Ratio is constantly and understandably…

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  • The Golden Compass Literary Analysis

    Throughout The Golden Compass, the topic of fantasy is explored and applied to the storyline directly. From talking polar bears to bizarre personal companions, this novel certainly emphasizes the imaginative aspect of literature. The Golden Compass, written by Philip Pullman, is one of three books in the series titled His Dark Materials which exemplifies the nature of the fantasy genre by detailing completely absurd and surreal events (Pullman 2-198). In The Golden Compass, the protagonist,…

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  • Golden Rice Pros And Cons

    Advocates of the use of genetic engineering techniques in food contend that the benefits would promote agricultural productivity, hence increase food supplies for the growing population and assist in feeding the world as well as contribute to one’s health. One example of a nutritional health benefits is the creation of Golden Rice.” To make Golden Rice, scientists insert genes into the edible part of the rice plant (Specter 13). Golden Rice is known to be enriched with vitamin A. The terrible…

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  • Aristotle's Golden Mean Analysis

    Analyzing and Applying Aristotle’s Golden Mean Aristotle’s Golden Mean was summarized wonderfully by Christopher Brown, “Aristotle’s Golden Mean is the concept of the perfect medium between extremes” (Brown). According to Aristotle, moderation is a keystone of virtuous behavior. Moderation is relative to each person. Aristotle suggests that each person temper their own styles and extremes (Adler and Proctor II). For example, if a person was naturally easy to anger, then that person should…

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  • The Golden Fleece In Medea, By Euripides

    The Golden Fleece is another mythological story that was written prior to the play Medea and explains how Jason, the hero, and Medea, the sorceress, met. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, made Medea fall in-love with Jason so Medea could help Jason with her magic and witchcraft to get through his quest to find the golden fleece. In the myth, The Golden Fleece, written prior to the play Medea, it is explained that Medea in reality had no option but to fall profoundly in-love with Jason. Medea is…

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  • Who Is Sophia Petrillo's Golden Girls?

    Golden Girls was an NBC show written by Susan Harris. Golden Girls aired on Saturday nights with the idea that the show would raise their ratings and bring in an older demographic. NBC had a hard time fulfilling Saturday ratings until Golden Girls joined the line up. There are a total of 180 episodes. Golden Girls had 15 Emmy nomination and 10 wins, Golden Girls ran from 1987 and eventually ended in May 1992. The shows premise surrounds three widows and one divorcé, based in Miami all living…

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  • The Golden Gate Bridge Analysis

    Their minds running around one last possibility in circles, all concluded with a jump. The Golden Gate Bridge, the main focus of the film, is a popular tourist destination. As the documentary sets into motion,…

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  • Black Humor In Apuleius The Golden Ass

    Apuleius’ The Golden Ass and Juvenal’s Satires 3 and 4 use black humour as a leeway to express the seriousness of the situation through humiliation and dramatization in order to keep the audience entertained. Humour, especially black humour, which often involves a taste for the macabre, is used to make light of something that is considered serious or taboo. In The Golden Ass, black humour is used to illustrate Lucius’ trial where he is made a ridicule of in front of Hypata’s citizens for the…

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  • Golden Gate Bridge Suicide

    Lethal Beauty Should A Suicide Barrier Be Put Around The Golden Gate Bridge To Save Lives? According to the San Francisco Gate newspaper article titled, “Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Barrier Project May Slow Traffic,” it says, “More than 1,400 people have jumped to their deaths since the bridge opened in 1937. Most jumpers suffer a grisly death, with massive internal injuries, broken bones and skull fractures. Some die from internal bleeding; others drown” (1). On one side of the debate are…

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