Essay On The Role Of Women In Early America

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Many underestimate the influences women had on early America. It is often incorrectly assumed that women had little effect on society until much later in America’s history, when, in fact, it was women that allowed that society to form in the first place. Women were an unseen force in the development of society on many levels, from simply aiding in family prosperity to changing the very way in which society is viewed. Women’s role in the development of early America aided in shaping the America we all know today.
The progression of early America relied on women’s presence within the colonies. In the early 17th century, the Virginia Company aspired to form a family-orientated colony, a difficult task to achieve when men outnumbered women by four or five to one. Women who had emigrated, mainly did so as indentured servants and were much more predominate than free women. To alleviate this imbalance, the Virginia Company began sending “tobacco brides” in 1620 for arranged marriages (Kingsbury, p. 25). Members of the Virginia Company took “into their consideration that the plantation can never flourish till families be planted and the respect of wives and children fix the people on the soil”
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Angelina Grimké wrote a series of twelve letters in response to Beecher’s censure, defending women’s right to participate in political debates (Grimké, pp. 246-247). Grimké wrote,
Since I have engaged in the investigation of the rights of the slave, I have necessarily been led to a better understanding of my own…all men, from king to slave, are built upon their moral nature: and as all men have this moral nature, so all men have essentially the same rights…now it naturally occurred to me, that if rights were founded in moral being, then the circumstance of the sex could not give to man higher rights and responsibilities, than to woman. (p.

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