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  • Analysis Of Rosalind Wiseman's Essay 'Queen Bee And Her Court'

    In Rosalind Wiseman’s essay “Queen Bee and Her Court”, she specified various roles played in social cliques. In the essay, she states “cliques are sophisticated, complex, and multilayered, and every girl has a role within them.” This demonstrates that although it may seem cliques are very simple, they are actually very conglomerate. In social cliques there are positive and negative roles that a person can have. The sidekick is a negative role; whereas, the floater is a positive role. There are also roles that can be negative or positive, depending on how someone portrays them, such as the banker. In my opinion, the queen bee’s sidekick is a negative role to play in a social clique. Although most girls find this to be the best role to play,…

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  • Functionalism In Mean Girls

    know about you, but “cliques” are the first thought to my mind. The media is drowning in films that portray the idea of “cliques”, but personally, I believe the film Mean Girls is the best representation of the world of cliques. Means Girls is a teen classic, and I can almost bet the majority of my generation has seen or at least heard of it. It is American teen comedy film that manifests the harsh conditions teens undergo when it comes to high school cliques. The plot starts off when previously…

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  • The Inner Ring Analysis

    Luc Martin, Blair Evens, and Kevin Spink wrote in “Coach Perspectives of ‘Groups Within the Group’: An Analysis of Subgroups and Cliques in Sport” about negative effects of the Inner Ring. They interviewed different coaches about the different subgroups within the teams. There were both positive and negative ways the subgroups can effect others. The overall consensus was, “subgroups have the potential to elicit negative outcomes for members, but can also facilitate the development of beneficial…

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  • The Importance Of Bullying In High School

    I was never physically or verbally bullied as a child. I was shy and soft spoken; therefore, I never did anything to attract attention to myself. Instead of harassment, I had more difficulty dealing with isolation. Though this is not same type of bullying we had seen in the video, it did make me depressed and abandoned. I typically felt this while attending McKinley High School. McKinley is full of cliques, which may be due to a high rate of students from the same middle schools. Most of…

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  • Cliques Essay

    A clique is just a group of people spending a lot of time together because they all have something in common. In high school, a person can walk down the halls and through the flood of students and see all kinds of cliques. Each clique has their own drama, their own way of doing things and, their own personality as a group. There are several different types of cliques too such as active cliques, creative cliques, and intelligent cliques. It is usually not very hard to determine what the common…

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  • Cliques In The Breakfast Club

    detention, while lifelong friendships are made by the simple act of understanding and relation. In the opening of the movie, the teenagers quickly group together based on what they know: the ‘popular’ and ‘athletic’ together, against the ‘rebel’, ‘nerd’ and ‘odd-ball’, who are all ultimately against the covetous Vice Principal. As detention drags on, the bickering teens get to know each other, sneaking around and finding activities to pass the time, slowly getting closer to one another as they…

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  • Rosalind Wiseman's Essay 'The Queen Bee And Her Court'

    negatively, as if we are stereotyping them, but occasionally classifying groups can help us better understand these groups with a broad view of how the people in these groups function together. Cliques can be very easily classified, but doing this without stereotyping can be difficult. When classifying, it will either be positive or negative, and the way we classify others will determine the outcome. Rosalind Wiseman's essay, "The Queen Bee and Her Court", is an excellent example of positive…

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  • Teens And Depression In Hine's 'Goths In Tomorrowland'

    groups and transcends our ideas of social boundaries so it 's possible that as we open this conversation we may see that students are also capable of transcending the cliques to which they have always been so uniform. We are our own worst critic, teens are hyper aware to the societal stigma placed on the social groups which act merely as a temporary facade. In my interview of Mykal Long, Long uses a number of derogatory and self deprivations terms to describe her group of friends from the…

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  • Young People Vs Church

    Social climbing is simply how I would describe the cliques of people. As a result, the popular folks at church amass followers, and power. Such a system requires you to play the “game” with people of influence if you want to be a fully included member of the cliques. Have the people in church ever hurt you because you were not part of his or her clique in church. For example, Chris Surratt write, Small groups are vital to the spiritual health of your church, but what if they are falling flat or…

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  • Five Stages Of Team Life Essay

    In having them work together to define the scope, I basically had them create the part of “why were are here.” The major problem I had was my three different cliques needed to all flow in the same direction of the scope we had defined. “Why are we here” seemed to be more of an individual thought at this time instead of a group thought. One thing I did start to see, and Charrier (1972) defined it well, is the individual hidden agenda’s come into play. As they all were hired as contractors,…

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