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Jason was a true friend and hero. His life was a challenge because his childhood life was rough, He had to get the golden fleece to get the crown, and After he started ruling a kingdom. Jason was a leader in Argonautic Expedition in getting the Golden Fleece. His Father was king Iolcus, he got all his genes from his father and hardly anything from his mother.
One of the main reasons why Jason's life was a challenge was his childhood was rough. He was the son of king Iolcus, Jason was more like his father than his mother. When he born his uncle Pelias killed every sibling in his family. His uncle took over as king, and Jason went and lived in the woods with Centaur Chiron. Which he was raised by Centaur Chiron the rest until Adulthood.
Another reason why Jason life was challenging was in order to get the crown he had to go through a series of tests. All that he had to was get the Golden Fleece back to Pelias. So he started on his way they had to go to Colchis which would take them a very long time to reach. The first stop was the island of Lemnos, where they met all the women who
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Finally, Jason had to reach Colchis, he had found king Aeetes. The king said that he would go through a series of test. The first test was to plow a field using Khalkotauroi, fire-breathing oxen. Medea gave Jason a potion to not get burned. The second test was to sow dragon's teeth in a field, causing a stone army to appear. Jason took Medea advice and throw a stone at the army. The army did not know who threw the rock and killed themselves. The third and final test was to get the golden fleece from the sleeping dragon. Getting the Golden Fleece was so easy for Jason because Medea gave him a potion to make him quite a possible. One the way home Medea killed her brother and Zeus sent a number of storms on the way back. After coming back Jason took the throne and took the kingdom

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