Jason's Lyric Movie Analysis

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Have you ever wanted to visually examine a movie that gives you multiple forms of life, but could not find an excellent one. Jason’s Lyric is a drama film about erotic romance between the two main characters Jason and Lyric. The love between Jason and Lyric continually blossoms, and the character’s major role is to build the plot of the movie. The climax of the movie is built when the love between Jason and Lyric grows stronger, and they both find out that their brothers are in the same gang and were orchestrating to rob a bank. Jason seems disturbed by his past as he was growing; he could not imagine that his brother Joshua would become a gangster and what devastates him more is the death of their father who was mentally ill and a war veteran. …show more content…
The series of flashbacks in the movie shows how Jason’s father, Mad Dog, attacked their mother in their childhood. His nightmare in the movie even becomes more devastating when the movie showed that it is Jason, who shot his father, Mad Dog, in the chest accidentally. In this particular scene we see that jason allows his past to control him and everything he does. It is up to the person to follow their dreams; and not let their past affect how they live their lives. A lot of people have made mistakes in their past, but at some point will have to own up to it. There is this old saying that what you will do will come back to haunt the person. The number one way people can not let the past haunt them is to not to do something they do not want people to know about. The death of their father did not bother Joshua at all which led him to lives an irresponsible life and he ends up being put in prison. Even after being release from prison Joshua joined a crew to plot a bank robbery. Jason in his part felt obligated to his family by trying to make things right and take care of his younger brother Joshua and their mother. Finally, Jason confides in Lyric, and he finds comfort to overcome his childhood …show more content…
He even ends up in a fight with Alonzo in public. Later, Jason tells Lyric that he could not leave with her because of what Alonzo did to Joshua. This shows how much Jason loved his younger brother that he was even ready to give up their romantic relationship just for his brother even though Joshua was a gangster. According to psychologytoday relationship among siblings benefit us, like lower rates of depression and they are their for us in time of needs. People who grew up as an only child usually get bully or end up being spoiled. This particular scene shows that nobody 's perfect including family and you should love them no matter what; you may not always get along but do not shut them out of your life. The height of the love between Joshua and Jason is shown when Joshua went to Alonzo’s house to kill Lyric to prevent Jason from leaving the town. Joshua could have killed Lyric knowing him as criminal, but he didn’t because he listens to his brother who pleaded for him not to kill Lyric. Joshua seems fed up with his life after Jason talk to him, that he ends up committing suicide to give his brother a peace of mind. In this scene, it shows that older siblings can be positive role, by showing the younger ones how to behave and what to do in life. Lots of people don’t have a stable

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