Bruno Mars Song Analysis

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Growing up in a household that shared a love for music, created a massive impact into Bruno Mars’ life as an artist. Ever since he was young, he’s been exposed to 80’s R&B music which he ended up loving til this day. Bruno Mars’ recent work, 24K Magic, illustrates how he was able to execute an 80’s R&B style album with the use of different components. These components consist of combining various instruments, choice of lyrics, and emotions. He also kept a similar theme to his previous albums, however he was able to add a little twist in every song.
What makes 24K Magic different? Well in this album, Bruno Mars went outside the box. He brought the 80’s R&B back to his fans by combining it with a little bit of pop. Most songs that consist this album all differ from his previous work. The song
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He lets his audience understand that he can also experience happiness and heartbreaks with someone. First of all, in his song “Too Good to say Goodbye,” he mentions “I’ve made mistakes/I should’ve treated you better.” Mars indicates how he’s capable of hurting someone just like others. This new song definitely shows a different side of Bruno Mars. Even though it’s not a song where one could dance to, Bruno Mars still relates to the audience. Just like from his previous song, “Grenade,” he still kept that vulnerable side of him. Even in this new album, he was able to include a heartache moment. Of course sadness is not the main theme of 24K Magic, however, he included a sympathetic song to an album that’s full of fun and liveliness to demonstrate how life is not just about having a good time, but it also has it’s ups and downs. These heartfelt moments were executed very well because not only Bruno was able to show his best side, but also his worst. Because he continues to include real life situations, people are still able to relate and sympathize with him in this

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