Odyssey Telemachus Character Analysis

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Derek Muir
Period 1 English

Inn every epic there is a character that goes through a life changing journey. In Homer’s The Odyssey Odysseus, Telemachus’ father, has not returned home from the war in Troy for twenty years. Poseidon, the god of the sea, leaves him trapped on a island in the middle of the sea. During his absence his palace on Ithaca has been overrun by suitors for his wife, Penelope, and his son Telemachus is too immature to kick them out. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, disguised as Mentes urges Telemachus to go on a journey to visit the great kings of Pylos and Sparta. The journey is necessary for Telemachus to become the true son of Odysseus because during his journey he learns how to respect the gods and how to be
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During the assembly Telemachus tells all those around that “All I ask is a good swift ship and a crew of twenty men to speed me through my passage out and back. I’m sailing off to Sparta, sandy Pylos too, for news of my long-lost father’s journey home” (2.236). Telemachus demonstrates courage by telling the assembly that he wants to leave in search of word his father. This assertive behavior is a huge leap from Telemachus’ childish former self. Even though many of those at the meeting do not believe in Odysseus’ return Telemachus does not skip a heartbeat to tell them the intention of his journey. While staying in Sparta Menelaus, the king of Sparta, tells Telemachus of his father “And I have traveled over a good part of the world but never once have I laid eyes on a man like him- what a heart that fearless Odysseus had inside him!” (4.301). By telling Telemachus the great deeds of his father Menelaus inspires him to be more courageous. Not only will the struggles of his father humble Telemachus but they will also make him realise what true courage means. Learning why and how Odysseus became famous is important for Telemachus to become his father’s son. By ignoring the opinions of the suitors and by doing what is right Telemachus learn the true meaning of …show more content…
During his journey he learns about the importance courage and the importance of respecting the gods. These lessons that Telemachus learns will not only make him more like his father but will also help him rule Ithaca in the future. With the advice of the greatest kings in all of Achaea, Telemachus will have the guidance that Odysseus could never afford him. In every great epic there is a hero that goes through a journey that will guide and mold them into a better person than they were

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