King Tut Research Paper

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King Tutankhamen was a pharaoh who died at a young age and is rumored to have a cursed tomb. Tut was a young boy when he came into power in Egypt in 1332 BC. His decade long rule was relatively insignificant in Egyptian history, but the discovery of his tomb in 1922 was among the most remarkable events of time. Discovered by British Archaeologist, Howard Carter, King Tut’s tomb was the first tomb to be found almost entirely intact. Since the discovery of his tomb in 1922, Tutankhamun has awe-struck the world. His name alone summons images of glittering gold and gleaming jewels, of assets beyond the mind’s eye, and of a life cut awfully short. It was not long after the discovery that rumors surfaced surrounding a “Pharaoh’s Curse”, a commonly …show more content…
His dad, considered the god Aten to be the Egyptian pantheon's most critical icon and supported his love most importantly others. Akhenaten likewise exchanged the Egyptian capital from Thebes to another site dedicated to Aten. Tutankhamen is thought to switch these disagreeable religious changes, restoring the god Amun to his previous magnificence and moving the capital back to Thebes. He deserted his unique name, Tutankhaten which signifies "living picture of Aten", for Tutankhamen, which signifies "living picture of Amun". Soon after he married his sister, Ankhesenamun. They attempted to have children together yet they turned out as still-conceived. Howard Carter discovered the two still-conceived in the tomb with King Tut within smaller than usual boxes. Tut passed on ten years after the fact at nineteen years old. There has been heaps of bits of gossip about how he kicked the bucket, however the latest one says that he broke his leg and built up a disease in the injury in a matter of seconds before his demise. As per one hypothesis, the pharaoh maintained the damage by tumbling from his chariot amid a chase. In the interim, DNA testing in 2010 proposed that Tutankhamen had jungle fever, which may have exacerbated a leg contamination or made him fall in any

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