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  • Medea And Euripides's Medea

    Euripides’s ancient Greek tragedy Medea renowned itself as a play that truly dwells into the depths of human actions and psychology. It provides the reader with an insight into the lustful and often abusive nature of men as well as the hardships faced by women during those times. Ultimately, both the adaptation of Medea by Robinson Jeffers and the translation by Diane Svarlien revolve around a central theme: Jason abandons Medea for another woman. After being abandoned, Medea seeks what she believes to be a necessary comeuppance. Although the theme of each play remains the same, the characters themselves are depicted entirely different. The differences between the characters, especially Medea and Jason, provide the audience with a new and refreshing…

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  • Medea Hero

    Medea is portrayed as a heroine in Euripides play Medea. In today’s world Medea would hardly be considered a heroine. She may be called evil, cunning, a murderer, or even crazy. However in ancient Greek methodically and literature the hero/heroine normally possessed a sense of being out of the ordinary, had a strong purpose, and did not have to be a particularly good person or the actual hero to make them one. The hero had a tragic flaw. I believe that Medea meets the standards of a heroine in…

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  • Guilt In Medea

    In Euripides play, Medea, Medea struggles internally of whether she should kill her children or not before finally coming to a decision. After the death of the king and the princess, Medea is faced with the choice between killing her own children or sparing them. She continually tells herself that she can save them and run to Athens for safety. However, that would mean leaving them in Corinth in the hands of the enemies. In her mind, if the kids were to die, she wanted it done by her own hands.…

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  • Patriarchy In Medea

    Also she enforces her superiority of a Greek who is very confident, killing the two male children was act of killing the wall that entrapped her, all male of Corinth was fall if the do not see women equal, just as Jason. Medea gives birth to two boys, she raised them, fed them with her own breast; the exchange of the mother's milk to the child symbolizes connection between the mother and child. Medea gave the children life from her body and held them in her body for 9 months, those children…

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  • Masculinity In Medea

    the household, decision maker, and money maker. They have a bigger role compared to women, who are entitled to look after the house and children. The men in Medea are not any different. Men are given more rights despite hurting their loved ones, due to the superiority they have over women and children. This superiority allows them to make choices for their family no matter the consequences. Jason abused of his rights, which is why he created his own downfall. He underestimated a woman’s…

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  • Responsibility In Medea

    characters in his greek tragedy Medea face hardship and although they do wrong we are still able to sympathise for them. It is easy for the audience to empathise for Medea’s sons who are completely innocent and have done no wrong however, Euripides tests the audience’s emotions by creating characters such as Medea and Jason who both commit horrible deeds yet face extreme hardship. This hardship encourages the audience to feel sorry for characters however this is questioned when said character…

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  • Medea Persuasive Essay

    to ask, is love worth the risk? As for Medea, she chooses to take the risk, and, consequently, allows herself to fall dangerously in love with Jason, which leads to the development of their tragic love story. Moreover, Medea’s love for Jason vanishes when he decides to leave her for the King’s daughter and agrees with the King’s decision to exile her and the children, thus, catalyzing Medea’s murderous plans. After Medea…

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  • Medea Literary Analysis

    Medea has the perfect plan and she uses an unlikely source to do it. Yet, before she could put her plan into action, she begs Jason to convince his new wife to accept their kids as it is not fair that they get to be exiled from the only place they know. Jason, who at first was okay with having his kids exiled, wavers and decides to okay the situation and convince his wife into accepting his kids. Medea, now having her means of transportation, decides to do something special, “I too will aid thee…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Medea

    Medea, a woman so in love she is willing to risk everything, kills for redemption. Medea is madly in love with Jason, however, the love Medea shares for Jason is not reciprocated. Jason refers to Medea’s people as barbarians when he tells her, “instead of living amongst barbarians, you inhabit a Greek land,” and she proves him right through her actions throughout the play. She acts out in a barbaric way, especially to those she loves. Medea is so vengeful that she is willing to to kill her own…

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  • Corinth Vs Medea

    of Corinth, a woman named Medea was abandoned by her husband and banished from the city along with her two children by King Creon. Furious in rage, Medea plotted to seek revenge on them at all costs. She acts reasonable with Jason and gives him clothing gifts in return to bring peace between them. When Jason’s new wife put on her new clothes, she was in flames burning out alive. When Creon saw her daughter burning out, he jumped onto her killing himself. To make things worse for Jason, Medea…

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